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Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo review

PoshBingo is one of the classy and stylish online bingo websites out there. It is a part of the Joy of Bingo network, along with fellow members like WinkBingo, TastyBingo and RedBusBingo. If you are looking for a posh design complete with a chandelier and Renaissance style picture frames, PoshBingo is the place for you. Many players confuse the site with Poshbingo.net, but that is an incorrect address – you should go to PoshBingo.com

In fact, the Poshbingo.net site is currently not available and if you visit it you will get nothing but a blank page. So be aware not to visit Poshbingo.net when looking for the PoshBingo games.

The PoshBingo site is very stylish and fun to browse. It mixes the old with the new and delivers a great retro design in a gentle bordeaux color scheme. The bingo rooms are designed very similarly to the site, with dark colors that really stand out. Both 90 balls bingo room and a 75 balls bingo room are available for players of PoshBingo. The 90 balls bingo is a British game style that is popular in the UK, the game has three stages, playing for one, two and three lines (full house), with three different prize pots. The 75 balls bingo game is an American version of bingo and is played on square cards. Each game is played for a different pattern and only one prize pool can be won when a full house is hit. PoshBingo offers its players to try both game versions.

Posh Bingo offers players a first deposit bonus of 20 GBP. This is a fixed amount. All you have to do to receive this welcome bonus is to register a new account, make a deposit and play with at least 5 GBP. The system will then issue the welcome bonus into your account instantly.

Posh Bingo has quite a few progressive jackpots to play on, all have fun stylish names like the Stretch-Limo jackpot or the Stiletto jackpot. These jackpots build up during each game, and can reach very high amounts. Once the jackpot is hit and won by a lucky player, Posh Bingo will start accumulating funds for a new jackpot. The ball count changes from one jackpot to another, but it is always stated in the bingo room while the game is in action.

There are quite a few gems to be found on the Posh Bingo website. For example, there is a full page dedicated to videos of the Posh Bingo television commercials. You can watch them online in stream – no download required. In addition, a full page is dedicated to players’ testimonials – some even sent their picture so you can later on associate a nickname with a face. You can read full stories written by winners on the Winners page, and share a bit of their excitement right before they hit the jackpot.

For those of you who are not familiar with online bingo games, Posh Bingo offers a full how-to guide to answer every newbie question. How to select a game, purchase cards, use the chat or even daub the bingo tickets – all the information is on the site. If the user guide and FAQs still don’t answer your question try contacting the Live Help team – they are available for a chat 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Sky Bingo

Sky Bingo is owned by the British Sky Broadcasting company, best known for their Sky Digibox product and news channel. Sky’s products also include the Sky magazine, broadband service, email service, the Sky online audio streaming and their digital audio store. Sky Bingo is a part of the Sky Betting and Gaming branch, which also includes sports-betting, poker and casino products.

Sky Bingo games are a part of the umbrella of products provided by Sky Betting, which means a shared wallet is available across the different brands. If you create an account with Sky Bingo you will be able to use it to play the rest of the casino, poker and sport-betting products in the umbrella, without the need to opening multiple accounts.

Registering and account with the Sky Bingo shared wallet is very simple. The software is also very self explanatory and user friendly. If you do need any assistance, Sky Bingo provides a full video tutorial of the games – you can actually see screenshots of the games with detailed explanations on how to perform simple tasks within the games software. An FAQ page also exists on the site, and all contact info of the support team, which can be reached via email, live chat or phone. New SkyBingo players receive a free 15 GBP bonus, once they deposit and wager 5 GBP – which is very similar to a massive 300% bonus on first deposit.

SkyBingo has a nice selection of bingo rooms with three different ticket prices in the 90 balls rooms: 1p, 5p and 10p. It is a common mistake to think that the game pots will be higher in rooms where the ticket price is more expensive. But the game pots amount change frequently, especially in relation to the number of players in the rooms. In any case, when you want to choose your room to play – take a look at SkyBingo lobby where detailed information on each room is provided and updated in real time. An 80 balls room and a 75 balls room (US game style) are also available in the lobby. In addition, a new 90 balls speed bingo room has recently opened. That means the balls are called a lot faster than in the regular rooms, and the recess time is much shorter. That way you can fit a lot more bingo games into the time you have playing on SkyBingo. The daily and weekly game schedules include Penny games, BOGOF sessions, Free Bingo sessions and many more crowd pleasers. It seems that SkyBingo really listen to their players and tail the games schedule to their request. Progressive jackpots exist on all the rooms. One of those jackpots has already grown to almost 3 Million pounds without being hit. Sooner or later it will be hit though, and you want to be at SkyBingo when that happens.

Although the SkyBingo site doesn’t provide a full list and preview of all the games they offer, you can still a few selected games advertised on the homepage. The most popular is of course the Deal or no Deal bingo game, which is gaining popularity across the web. Another bingo players’ favorite is the multiple lines slot machines, with high, casino style payouts.

Ladbrokes Bingo

LadbrokesBingo.com is an online bingo website owned and operated by Ladbrokes PLC – one of the world’s leaders in the UK betting and gaming market. Ladbrokes PLC is best known for its bookmaking operation which holds over 2,700 betting shops across Europe. In the year 2000 Ladbrokes branched into the online gaming scene with a virtual version of their sports betting product, and shortly after it launched the casino, ladbrokesbingo and spread-betting online brands.

Ladbrokes Bingo became an instant success upon its launch, due to its reliable software, competitive promotions, and most of all – it’s shared wallet. New users on Ladbrokes Bingo can open an account, fund it, and start playing. Any available balance in their LadbrokesBingo account is allegeable for play across all Ladbrokes products (casino, poker, sports-betting and spread-betting). Moreover, if you already have an account with one of the other Ladbrokes brands, you don’t need to open another one to play on Ladbrokesbingo – you can login to the bingo client with your existing account. This option LadbrokesBingo provides is very attractive for bingo players who also like to play online casino or online poker.

Aside from that, new players on Ladbrokes Bingo will receive a welcome bonus of 20 GBP (fixed amount) once they deposit 5 GBP and wager the full deposit amount. The registration process is easy and fast, and new players can also opt-in to receive updates via email, telephone or SMS. A full section on LadbrokesBingo.com is dedicated to players support. The LadbrokesBingo support team can be contacted via live chat, phone or email, but it is almost unnecessary to contact them since the Frequently Asked Questions info online is very detailed and comprehensive.

The bingo lobby is very easy to use and offers a selection of different types of bingo games: The well known 90 balls bingo, 90 balls speed bingo, 80 balls bingo, two rooms of 75 balls bingo (square cards) and a special Joker bingo room where the J pattern is played for a full house. In addition, a selection of mini games are embedded in the bingo rooms, ranging from slots and scratch cards to unique numbers games that resemble the classic roulette. The Ladbrokes Bingo games schedule and promotions change on a monthly basis and include penny games, BOGOF games (Buy One Get One Free) as well as bigger promos with vacations giveaway and guaranteed jackpots. A guaranteed jackpot is offered almost every week on bingo Ladbrokes. A full detailed schedule can be found on LadbrokesBingo.com .

The Ladbrokes Bingo online players’ community is a very welcoming one. A great feature offered on the site is the social network application, where each player gets their own inbox to send and receive messages to/from other players, as well as a profile that can be updated, a buddies list and even a live chat option. A list of the chat moderators and their personal info (location, hobbies etc) is posted on the site, so you can really get to know the chat hosts better. If you enjoy playing the chat games you can find a list of games with detailed rules on LadbrokesBingo.com .

Those are only part of the reason Ladbrokes Bingo won the Site of the Year award for excellence in online bingo on 2009, a prize that is given by the top bingo portal WhichBingo on a yearly basis. That was the first time LadbrokesBingo.com won such a prize. The Site of the Year award was given to LadbrokesBingo after it got the highest number of votes from players across the UK, so that is a true testament of players’ satisfaction with the product.

The bingo Ladbrokes games are currently not available to play via mobile, but you can play different casino games and place bets on sporting events using the Ladbrokes mobile games.

PaddyPower Bingo

PaddyPowerBingo is a fabulous online bingo site that is popular both in the UK and in Ireland.

PaddyPowerBingo offers new players a fixed bonus of 20 GBP if they deposit and spend at least 5 GBP on the games. Please note the 5 GBP wager has so occur up to 48 from the time the account was open. For additional terms of the welcome bonus please check the terms and conditions applied.

The PaddyPowerBingo community is a very tight group. Aside from the very flattering testimonials from current and past players, you can also find a “Pet of the Week” section, an updating voting polls in which PaddyPowerBingo checks players’ opinions on different promotions, and even a whole section dedicated to players’ feedback. It is quite clear that PaddyPowerBingo values the opinion of its players.

If you are new to the game, PaddyPower Bingo provides a full online bingo tutorial in video form. Just click the “Tutorial” button on the PaddyPower Bingo website and you’ll be directed to the video clips. With simple comic-like speech bubbles, all the how-to information of ticket buying, jackpot winning, rooms browsing and more, is conveyed in a fun and easy way.

Since the Bingo Paddy Power games are simple to use and understand, you don’t have to be an experienced player to try this site. Anyone who hasn’t played online bingo in the past can figure this one out in minutes, since the software is very user friendly.

The PaddyPower Bingo games selection is eclectic. Aside from the 7 different bingo rooms in which you can play 90 and 75 bingo balls games, you can find exclusive games based on TV shows (such as Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother), a wide variety of casino monster slots, table games, card games, scratch cards, top trumps games and even novelties such as Deal or No Deal. In that regard, PaddyPower Bingo is certainly one of the sites with the nicer and wider games selections out there.

The promotions on bingo Paddy Power change constantly to keep a fresh and exciting feel on every visit. But you have a full and organized list of current promotions listed on the website. Just go to PaddyPower Bingo and click on the ‘Promotions’ button. Other updated sections which are worth a visit are the players’ stories page, celebrity gossip, and also the amazingly accurate Horoscope page. It’s unclear just how bingo Paddy Power got that Horoscope to be so dead on precise, but then again – some things are better left unknown…

If you are having any problems signing in or login in, PaddyPower Bingo operates a friendly and professional support team. They are available 24/7 via live chat – see the ‘Live Help’ link at the top right corner of the homepage. Freephone calls are also available from the UK and from Ireland, and the PaddyPowerBingo support team can also be contacted via email.

The Bingo Paddy Power games are on a very reliable and stable flash based software. The graphic is attractive and welcoming, just like the chat moderators. A lot of the roomies are from Ireland, and it seems that site is very popular amongst the Irish. That been said, anyone can feel right at home on the bingo rooms.

Play Paddy Power Bingo!

paddy power bingo

Mecca Bingo

MeccaBingo.com is an established online bingo website, licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. It is a part of the Rank group which also operates online casino sites. MeccaBingo also owns real live bingo clubs in different locations in the UK.

MeccaBingo.com is a very organized, user-friendly website. The website offers a preview of the different MeccaBingo games. In addition to online bingo, players can enjoy progressive jackpot slots, casino cards games and even lottery and keno. MeccaBingo games feature a few unique games based on popular TV shows and board games such as the X-factor slots, Britain’s Got Talent, Spiderman and even a Monopoly game. All of these can be played either for fun and for free, or for real money with cash prizes. The games selection is updated all the time, and you can check out the latest new games on the New Games section on MeccaBingo.com . Some of the MeccaBingo games are also available on mobile, so you can literally take them with you to play wherever and whenever you want. The Mecca Bingo website has an easy-to-use “Games Picker”, which is a drop box with all the different 150 game types available. You can just click on your game of choice and it will instantly open in a new window.

MeccaBingo runs promotions around the clock, and you can find a comprehensive list on MeccaBingo.com . BOGOF and Penny games, 10K giveaways and special bonuses for mobile players are some of the year long promos. Bingo rooms are available in the 90 balls, 75 balls and 80 balls game styles.

The MeccaBingo community is very close and friendly. Each chat moderator has his or her own webpage in which they share some personal info about themselves, such as their favorite books, music groups and special interests. Mecca Bingo players can also read updates and post their thoughts on a special blog featured on the site. The Mecca Bingo forum, available for registered users only, is a great place to start making some friends in this online community. You can also join the Facebook and Tweeter groups for news and updates.

If you are a new Mecca Bingo user you’ll be happy to know there’s a special frequent questions and answers page available for you. In addition, Mecca Bingo offers the best form of online support – real live chat support that is free and accessible twenty four seven. Just click the Live Chat link on the top right corner on MeccaBingo.com to contact one of the staff. New Players on MeccaBingo.com receive a 100% bonus on their first deposit, up to 50 GBP. The extra bonus money can be used either to play bingo or to play one of the 150 different side games.

A great addition we enjoyed on the Mecca Bingo site is the Bingo Jokes page. It’s a collection of witty and entertaining bingo related quips that any player can enjoy between or during the games. Players can also share their own jokes with the rest of the community, and MeccaBingo will reward 5 GBP for any joke that is posted.

The MeccaBingo games use the latest flash based technology and are very attractive and graphically impressive. If anything will keep you coming to this site, it’s the great emphasis on excellence when it comes to the software and games selection.


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Think Bingo

ThinkBingo.com is one of the oldest online bingo sites, very popular in Europe and especially in the UK. Think Bingo is well known for its pleasant design and skillful staff of chat monitors. The Think Bingo site, which was launched in 2004 and became an instant success, is still one of the well known bingo spots online. It isn’t surprising then that only recently it was named Site of the Year by the online bingo portal WhichBingo. One of the great offers Think Bingo has for new players is a massive 400% bonus on first deposit. That means if you deposit as little as 10 GBP you will receive an extra 40 GBP from Think Bingo to play with. This 400% match bonus is well above the industry standard and makes Think Bingo one of the most generous operators. Once you register and make your first deposit, you’ll have a wide selection of different games to play on. Aside from regular bingo ticket buying, you can also visit the guaranteed jackpots sessions in the 90 balls rooms – these are the Think Bingo specialty. Almost every day a guaranteed jackpot is being played, with the highest amounts on the weekends. Just check the schedule in the bingo room. Another great feature in the rooms is the 1TG and 2TG sessions. When these games are played, players who didn’t have a full house but had 1 or 2 numbers to go also share a piece of the prize pool. Isn’t that neat? On ThinkBingo.com you can find a very active players’ forum with over 282,000 posts (around 140 posts per day) and over 10,000 registered users. Players like to share personal stories, ask for advices and sometimes just joke around or rant on the forum. Be prepared to get your fellow roomies a lot better after reading their posts on ThinkBingo.com . The winners page on ThinkBingo.com is updated regularly and you can see a list of yesterday’s winners every day. Sometimes the winning amounts are so high, you just can’t help but going into the room to purchase some bingo tickets – those jackpots are up for grabs, remember! ThinkBingo has a very nice and feminine design, so it’s perfect for all you ladies out there. The mixture of pink and purple colors is very attractive and captivating but if you are a male bingo player you should either try some other site or you better start liking pink! ThinkBingo is sister-site with BingoScotland, so if you are from Scotland and want to play with fellow country mates, you might want to try BingoScotland.com . The same great software and games are used there, so you will still be enjoying the great offers of ThinkBingo. The welcome bonus, however, is a little lower and set at 300%. ThinkBingo has a great comps system to reward loyal players. Collect your ThinkBingo Points by wagering funds on games or by referring your friends to ThinkBingo.com. Once you have a nice chunk of points accumulated you can exchange them for real cash and use it to purchase bingo tickets. The accumulation ratio rate is as follows: for every 10p card purchase you will receive 10 ThinkBingo Points. A friend referral will earn you a massive amount of 5,000 points. So start collecting! If you haven’t seen them before, check out the ThinkBingo commercials online – they are hilariously funny.

William Hill Bingo

William Hill is one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK. It is a publicly traded company in the London Stock Exchange, it sponsors many sporting events worldwide and is a well known name in the gaming industry. While well known for its online bookmaking site, William Hill also operates an online casino and online poker sites and William Hill Bingo. When playing at WilliamHill Bingo you can be certain you are playing with a well respected and well known site, as this brand name was founded back in 1934.

If you are new to William Hill Bingo, you can contact the support team 24/7 with any question via phone or email. If you click the ‘Help’ button on the top right corner of the homepage you’ll get a popup window with an FAQ browser which can be very helpful for new players.

William Hill Bingo puts a focus on a relaxing gaming experience. They like to call it: ‘Time For a Treat’, make yourself a nice cup of tea, put your legs up and just enjoy the games. William Hill Bingo also runs a Time For a Treat promotion, on which all players who didn’t win get some cash back on their ticket purchases. Look for the little present box logo next to the game in the schedule to know that specific session qualifies.

The sign up process on William Hill Bingo is very simple, you have to enter a few personal details such as address, phone number and a valid email address, and choose your username and password. There is also a nice video on the registration page that explains each step of registration. It’s true – Playing the bingo William Hill is as easy as one, two three! Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before you register.

Bingo William Hill offers a set up bonus amount for new players – 25 GBP – as seen on their television commercial. In order to receive this welcome bonus, new players have to make a deposit, wager at least 10 GBP, and the bonuses will be awarded into the new account within 48 hours. You can read the full terms and conditions on the Bingo William Hill website.

Once you are in, check out the William Hill Bingo games selection – it is like visiting an arcade. Bingo rooms, slot machines, progressive slots, multi-player slots, scratch cards and many number games are available. We especially enjoyed the WilliamHill Bingo Deal or No Deal game (based on the TV show, of course) – the jackpot was at a solid 60,000 GBP while we tried it, and kept on growing. Additional games at WilliamHill that are based on UK TV shows are GoldenBalls and BigBrother – don’t forget to try those out when you visit Bingo William Hill.

WilliamHill Bingo offers both 90 balls rooms and the new and exciting 80 balls game style, which is becoming more and more popular across Europe. The many rooms open and close on different times of day, to ensure no room is ever too crowded or too empty. This type of dynamic room management by WilliamHill Bingo ensures you can always find a great room to play at, no matter in which time of the day you login.

The progressive jackpots at the bingo rooms in WilliamHill Bingo are no less than gargantuan, with over 6 digits in most of the rooms we looked. The ball counts setup to hit the jackpot were between 29-33 in the different rooms, which is tricky but not impossible. In that regards, Bingo William Hill is one of those sites where you can end up winning a lot of money in a very short period of time. Just check out the winners table and winners story on the website and you’ll see a lot of lucky winners.

Tombola Bingo

TombolaBingo.com is a great online bingo site operated by Tombola LTD, a company that started its bingo related businesses over 40 years ago, supplying bingo tickets to real live bingo halls. Since then, TombolaBingo became a licensed online bingo operator. The company started its online bingo ventures as a software provided to SunBingo.co.uk, until parting ways and launching its own bingo brand: Tombola Bingo. Since then, they develop every game in-house and are considered one of the leading online bingo sites in the UK.

Tombola Bingo offers two different game types: 90 balls bingo, which is popular mostly in the UK and 80 balls bingo, which is a fun game style that is popular in Scandinavia but gains popularity across Europe for the past few years. In addition, Tombola Bingo developed a few unique games that can only be found on TombolaBingo.com : RollerCoaster, which is a nice combination of keno and bingo, CINCO, which combines bingo motifs with traditional card games, and the Hamster Race, which is a type of virtual racing game. The inclusion of these unique games makes playing on TombolaBingo.com a special and surprising experience every time. For first time players, the website is filled with how-to guides that ease up the learning process. Other games available on TombolaBingo are the better known roulette, a keno type game that is called LuckyPick and of course, the bingo players’ favorite – mini slot machines that are embedded in the bingo rooms and can be played between games – on the recess time. Tombola Bingo puts an emphasis on the unique gaming experience it offers, with its never seen before games.

New users on Tombola Bingo will receive a 200% bonus on their first deposit. That means that if you deposit 10 GBP, Tombola will reward you with an extra 20 GBP to play with. Getting started is easy: just choose a username and password, provide a valid email address and your basic personal information (full name, current address, etc) and you become a member. No payment method is required for registration with TombolaBingo and you can fill in your preferred payment method post registration. One great feature on that regard: TombolaBingo gives you the option of making a deposit using PayPale, a very popular online banking account, and an alternative method that most bingo sites don’t have available.

Instant online support via chat exists, as well as phone and email support. If you choose to contact the support team via phone, Tombola Bingo aims to answer your call in a short waiting time of 30 seconds.

Check out the list of past winners on TombolaBingo.com , which is also filled with players’ testimonials written by other players. You can even browse the latest winners lists by game type and by date. More winning-focused players will find that helpful in deciding on which game they should wager most of their funds. The 5 cards CINCO game for example, pays tens of thousands of pounds on a monthly basis and seems like the perfect game for high rollers. One of the games with the highest possible payout is the Roulette, with up to 10,000 GBP possible payout on one wager.

TombolaBingo offers a changing game schedule and monthly promotions. The one that stands out is the 1,000 GBP guaranteed jackpot that plays every day at 9pm UK time. A guaranteed jackpot is a bingo jackpot that is set on 90 ball counts, that means it is certain to hit and certain to be won by one of the lucky players. This jackpot is played in the 90 balls bingo room. Check out TombolaBingo.com for additional information.


bingo on the box

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Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo is one of the oldest and well known bingo sites in the UK. It is owned by the Gala Coral Group, which is an industry leader and operates close to two thousand betting offices, offline bingo halls, breaks and motor casinos and even a UK telephone betting operation. The Gala Coral establishments are popular in England, Ireland and Scotland. Gala Bingo is the group’s leading online bingo site and it’s popularity has increased since its launch in the early 2000’s. Since then the BingoGala club has acquired more than five million members, many of them also visit the real live bingo halls owned by the group.

The Gala Bingo website is very dynamic. Upon the very first visit, right at the home page, you can see the current status of the different jackpots, latest winners and monthly promotions. All of those are presented in a convenient way to ensure you don’t miss the action you are looking for. Joining the site is a fast and easy process. Gala Bingo requires aspiring players to provide the following details: first and surname, date of birth, current address and email address, a valid phone number and a payment method. You will also have to choose a security question and answer, which will be used in case you forget your password. At the moment the only available account currency is in GBP to ensure all players are playing in the same currency. If you deposit to your BingoGala account in any other currency (USD, Euro etc) the Gala Bingo system will automatically convert your deposit to GBP. Upon the last step of registration you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions. It is important to read the Gala Bingo T&Cs before confirming, you need to know what you are agreeing to!

If you are having any trouble registering or login into the system, GalaBingo has a support team ready for you. You can contact the GalaBingo support team via email, telephone (call-free) or fax. Other available and more convenient options are callback – where you simply leave your phone number to the operator and one of the GalaBingo support team representatives calls you back, or you can also leave an e-message using the GalaBingo software. Of course, the last option is only valid for players who are already logged into the system.

The GalaBingo system is very user friendly, you don’t need to be a computer wise to figure it out. The software is flash based. Your account and the actual games open in two separate windows, and if you choose to play any of the side games such as slots, keno, video poker, lotto or roulette, these games will open in an additional third window. In addition to the side games mentioned above, BingoGala also offers a few games based on television quiz shows such as Deal or No Deal, The Price is Right or TopTrumps.

The balance in your account window will update simultaneously while you play. GalaBingo offers three types of bingo games: 90 balls bingo, which is the UK version of the game, 75 balls bingo, which is the American version of the game, and a unique 80 balls bingo, which is a game style that originated in Scandinavia. There is also a room available for Spanish speakers, where both the chat and software are in spanish. For each of the different game types the system will open and close rooms according to the number of players online, thus ensuring no room is ever too crowded or too empty, that way the odds of winning are always kept on a reasonable level and the game pots are set at a not too low minimal amount. The is one of the reasons BingoGala is so popular among bingo players.

On the BingoGala website you will find a full rooms schedule with different times of day and the games played. While promotions vary and change on a weekly and monthly basis, the daily and weekly schedules are very seldom changed. BingoGala offers BOGOF games – Buy One Get One Free, as well as happy hours with a special ticket price, guaranteed jackpot games, and games where the pot is split between 5 players equally instead of the the regular 3 way split.

Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is one of the fastest growing sites in the UK. Well known for it’s rememberable television commercial, FoxyBingo.com is now one of the most well known websites in the online bingo industry.

The FoxyBingo website and software are both designed in the purple, pink and yellow coloring and represent the brand. The design is very easy on the eyes and nice to look at even if you are playing for a long period of time. New users who visit FoxyBingo.com will immediately be redirected to a special page with a welcome bonus offer of 200% on the first deposit. That means if you deposit 10 GBP on your first deposit, FoxyBingo will give you 20 GBP extra to play with, on the house.

Foxy Bingo has a wide range of games to select from. It offers 90 ball UK style bingo and 75 balls US style bingo. In addition, a selection of casino games (roulette, black-jack etc), instant games (scratch-cards) Keno and lotto games, and slot machines with up to 9 lines are offered. The unique Foxy Bingo slot machines also offer progressive jackpots, just like in the best casino sites. The FoxyBingo.com strives to give you the best online gaming experience possible, wether you are more interested in playing some bingo and enjoying the chat, or if you are looking for higher stake casino action.

The FoxyBingo community is a very warm and welcoming one. That is why a big section of the website is dedicated exclusively to the players’ community. FoxyBingo throws and monthly chat host of the month competition in addition to an up-to-date latest winners list, Facebook and Tweeter updates and even a Foxy Friends magazine with current news and events. You can also visit the Foxy Bingo events calendar on the site to read about bingo cruises and charity campaigns that run all year long. The latest charity campaign FoxyBingo organized was for breast cancer research, in which the players raised 13,500 GBP for this great cause. Another great feature in the community section of the FoxyBingo.com site is the Foxy Radio, which is an online radio players can listen to while playing. The different shows on this special radio features players stories and quizzes. To conclude, don’t miss the community section on FoxyBingo.com , as it one of the most appealing parts of the FoxyBingo website.

On the promotions front Foxy Bingo doesn’t disappoint either. In addition to the welcome bonus they offer, Foxy Bingo also has a rewarding points system. You accumulate points based on tickets purchase or friends referrals, and these points can later be converted to real money. The conversion rates vary based on your loyalty level on FoxyBingo.com . Weekly slots tournaments, Happy Hour bingo ticket prices, Speed Bingo games and weekly draws can also be found in the weekly schedule. The best offers are all on Friday, as a part of the Thank Foxy It’s Friday promotion, when the guaranteed jackpots are played and one three lucky players split a prize of ten thousand pounds.

To enjoy these fabulous games you have to sign up with FoxyBingo.com . The registration process is quick and easy, and in any case, there is a 24/7 support team available to receive queries via email or phone. Foxy Bingo also offers online guides to the bingo lingo, bingo glossary and bingo calls. These guides contain all the information a new player might be looking for, in an easy to understand language.