» March, 2011

BingoCams Review: A New Experience of Playing Bingo

For all the bingo lovers each and every moment sites have been launched with new features. And the players like this and signing up to these sites and playing these free bingo games with lots of excitement. With this trend there a new game with new site has come which is BingoCams and here is BingoCams Review.

BingoCams is a new type of online bingo site where web cam is introduced. Here the player uses a webcam. As a result other players can see his expression and can chat with him. This makes this game interesting and player can play taking psychological advantage. That is why its popularity is increasing rapidly.

For playing BingoCam it is necessary to sign up in a website. www.bingocams.com is a popular website and here you need to sign up without making deposit. Sign up procedure is just like opening an email account. If a player just signs up here he will get $5 for free. With this amount he can play different games in this site. After that if he considers playing with more money and deposits for the first time he will get 200% bonus for his first deposit.

There are also different features and bonuses one can get by playing BingoCam. But the most important thing for playing here is the payment methods. And guess what! It is lot easier then you think. If you have a credit card then you can make payment with it. And it is completely secured when you pass your credit card information in this site.

You may ask questions about its security. To ensure you about this site’s reliability here are some security steps. For every player of this site a individual user name is provided and you can set a password for your account. There is an email confirmation methods by which it is possible to check if the payment or withdraw is authorized or not. That means this is completely secured until you make a mistake.

To play this game you can search through key words like BingoCams, Bingo Cams, Bingo with webcams and you will find the desired website to play this game. Then don’t waste any more time reading BingoCams Review and start playing BingoCam.