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Get ready for PayDay at Moon Bingo

It is nearing the end of the month, when every one looks forward to payday. Well, you can have a pay day also when playing online bingo. Simply look up Moon Bingo and you  can grab up to £10,000 to make your pay day memorable.

Moon Bingo’s top promotion is always kept for the last day of the month. This week on Friday, September 30, make sure you sign up with Moon Bingo and are ready for their £10,000 pay day special bingo jackpot.

At 30p a card you can be in the running for amazing prizes from a guaranteed £2,000 to a whopping £10,000!!! While this game is only scheduled for the end of the month, you can pre purchase your cards now. So hurry up. Sign up now and claim your tickets to this game.

For those who are not familiar with Moon Bingo’s Pay day Bingo, here is the deal. Win the bingo full house, within a pre-determined number of calls and the prize jackpot is £10,000; else you can still win the guaranteed jackpot of £2000, if you claim the bingo win after the pre-determined number of balls have been called out.

Every day is a pay day at Moon Bingo as the site also has many other promotions lined up for you. The Gimme More Room now features the new Swedish bingo games which is a 75 ball game that guarantees five prizes if you bingo on any line, be it horizontal, vertical or diagonal. At just 10p per game, this is your ticket to top bingo games that offer higher chances of winning.

There are also four separate tourneys launched at Moon Bingo. The Hot Slots tourney features favorite instant games such as Sugar Train, Fluffy Favorites, Piggy Payout and White Wizard. Launched in September 19, you have up to the 30th to grab exciting prizes such as gift cards and loyalty points.

The Primordial Popularity of Gambling

There is currently controversy shot through Greek politicians’ moves to regulate online gaming in ways favourable to the state, which is triggering warnings from the EU and the European Community. This brings up the question of how society not only deals with gambling, but more deeply how it feels about a thing believed to be a vice.

Online bingo, despite its roots in Britain in community-oriented brick-and-mortar halls after WWII, is lumped together in with ‘gambling’ games like poker, blackjack and even with lottery-like betting games like scratch cards.

The Unfortunate Connection Between Bingo and Gambling

To bingo players, any issues of ‘gambling’ may seem remote from what they are doing when playing online. Nevertheless, since bingo is classed as a kind of gambling, gambling is in fact an issue in the continued life of online bingo.

But of course what is most interesting is not necessarily the destiny of a particular game. A most intriguing aspect is why exactly bingo delivers a thrill: to what human interest does it appeal?

It appears that the history of humanity and perhaps also its prehistory can be defined in central ways as the remembrance of moments of risk. Risk, no wonder, has become perhaps the most successful trope or theme for adult games the world over. From monumental historic events to the things that happen in a family kitchen or in school sports or in business ventures, risk plays its important part in human decision making. Implicitly we understand, evidently, that there is something very rewarding about taking a risk that ‘pays off’.

Perhaps a criterion for ‘gambling’ might be whether or not someone’s risky behaviour involves money or valuables. The reason this might be the most impartial way to define it is simply the possibility that risk saturates our lives and arbitrates much more than just money. But gambling, therefore, as a form of risk, is also a symbolic object. Gambling concentrates the experience of risk for the human mind. Let us not forget that this concentrated form and its commercial products have proven mightily interesting to many people throughout history.

Why, Basically, is Gambling So Popular?

Bingo quite reasonably is to be distinguished from hallmark gambling games like poker, in that the risk element is not in the forefront of the experience. Also, in bingo the risk is not scalable (like increasing bets to stay in a poker round) because a player just buys their cards and plays them. Bingo cards, as vehicles of a game grouped with gambling, is more accurately described as the sale of a slightly risky game of chance, closer to a lottery. Bingo is basically a lottery that requires a little effort and concentration to follow, play and win. Many socio-cultural (folkloric) elements go into bingo that are non-gambling oriented (not associated with risking money).

Ironically, when bingo went online and gave the ability to play multiple cards, it also gained a chat window, which introduced the ‘auto daubing’ function (automatically scoring players’ cards to lighten their cognitive load for the chat conversation). The software version of bingo also sometimes empowers players with various sorting tools so that they can even manage their games semi-automatically. Thus online bingo took a turn away from the traditional game and did in fact move closer to gambling. The focus on bingo sites is overwhelmingly focused upon being able to deposit cash money to boost the player’s ability to ‘win’ lots of cash and prizes — be the one holding the big jackpot check outside their house for the official winner’s portrait.

Gambling is basically about staking something valuable (usually cash) to buy access to the chance of winning a much more valuable amount. It is the combination of two powerful symbolic cultural tropes (along with risk), since money itself carries a large array of connotations, including ‘limited resource’ or ‘freedom’, as well as negative ones. So gambling is a way to manipulate (to play with) certain problematic concepts that go to our primal roots as humans, we might want to say.

Furthermore, manipulating risk and money at the same time proves to be amusing, and for some, as powerful a rush as any highly addictive substance. Researchers of addiction point to the fact that there is no psychoactive substance in gambling addiction: it’s purely psychological (although somatic effects can certainly appear for highly addicted or excited gamblers).

Perhaps it is popular to gamble ¾ throwing in bingo here, too ¾ because it offers something that sociologists have documented as part of various cultures’ rituals for a carnival-type event, a social-venting ritual, whereupon people are allowed to relax their normal contractions concerning vices and taboos. This kind of social mechanism has proven effective for subduing humans’ urges to ‘go crazy’ by supplying some slack and shared revelry at regular intervals, like doses of frustration-relief. Gambling games, too, can be seen as doses of deviance, of flirting with loss, because doing so satisfies the human sense of risk as value in a controlled way.

Perhaps More of Our Social Life is a Gamble than We Realize?

A couple of comments following a news piece about the Greek debate on regulating online gambling crystallise what may be a rising consciousness about the resemblance between our financial system and a giant international game of chance.

The author of the article summarizes the positions of the affected parties of any fast-track legislation Greece passes governing and taxing online gambling (deep taxes, mind you) [1].

One commenter, adding more colour to the cool editorial style, adds, ‘here’s a perfect way out of many of [Greece’s] problems and the government’s just busy safeguarding its interests’. The next commenter, in disagreement, writes, ‘A perfect way out of an economic crisis in a country where people are not getting paid, and there are riots over austerity measure [sic] is to push for more gambling…are you nuts!’ This response is easy to visualize as something like disbelief that something like gambling could be directed for the public good, meant for someone in favour of online gambling as a fiscal tool of the state.

Where would we be if through a popular wave of awareness we were to acknowledge that the stock market is a legalized form of gambling, for an elite club, whereas consumer gambling is outlawed for the masses? More social guidance about the role of risk in our thinking may also improve the state of affairs regarding how manage this primordial concern, a kind of ‘essence urge’, centred around risking what we have to get something better.


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Win a live tour of X Factor at Sing Bingo

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How would you like to get a peek into the X Factor world? It this idea sounds like a too good to be true offer, then you should check out one of the best nodeposit bingo sites, Sing Bingo this month.

Among many amazing September giveaways that includes a digital camera, a HD camcorder, iPad Nano and a Samsung HD TV on Fridays at this site, there is also an Ultimate X Factor Night game that is scheduled for 9:00pm on Wednesday September 28 where you can lay your hands on four tickets to the X Factor Live Tour and take a peek into this star studded musical extravaganza.

That’s not all. If you win these tickets, you can also expect some starry treatment. Sing Bingo is going all out to give you a grand night. Get three of your best buddies along and enjoy a royal night with a ride in a stretch limousine all the way to the concert along with a bottle of champagne – on the house. The excitement does not end here. After your tour, spend your night in a fantastic hotel, again courtesy of Sing Bingo, before you return to your life back at home.

If this sounds like an exciting enough prize, then sign up with Sing Bingo for a fabulous signup bonus and get ready to play the Ultimate X Factor Night  for tickets that cost you just £2. Or play some bingo games and instant win games from now to Tuesday, September 27 to earn some X-points for free bingo tickets to this game.

For every £1 that you spend on these games, you will get a total of two points each and if you manage to bingo on the letter ‘X’ or the Judge’s Wildcard pattern (L, G, K and T), you will get 1000 points each. You can trade your X-points for some free bingo cards to the Ultimate X Factor Night game at the rate of 1000 X-points for one card.

This is a never before opportunity. So don’t let it slip from your hands. Sign up today and keep your fingers crossed.

£25k JoyPot set to take place at Wink Bingo in October

Five of the top online bingo sites for the next two months is undoubtedly the sites that belong to the Joy of Bingo network that comprises of Wink Bingo, RedBus Bingo, Tasty Bingo, Posh Bingo and the newest one to join the Joy Bingo caravan – Bingo Street.

What sets these bingo sites apart for September and October is that the JoyPot season is back. Members at any of these five bingo sites can start collecting joypoints in order to trade them for free bingo tickets to the exclusive bingo game that has a total cash prize reward of £25,000 in its kitty.

Come October 30, and the quarterly £25k joypot game is set to play in Wink Bingo at 10:00pm. You can claim a share of this mega jackpot prize reward by paying just £2 for one bingo ticket to this game or you could simply collect joypoints and trade them for bingo tickets to this game for free.

While you can collect joy points in any of the sister sites, you will need a membership account with Wink Bingo in order to play this game. So, make sure that you sign up with Wink Bingo today.

Bingo players in these popular online bingo sites are already familiar with the JoyPot games that play four times a year, and more specific Wink Bingo promotions. However there is a twist this time round. This time the single line prize, double line prize and the final bingo house prize will remain a big hush hush secret until the dawn of October 30 when the game is set to be played.

That’s right, winners; you will have to wait till D-day to know how the spoils are going to be divided among the winners. But, while that information can wait, what cannot wait is your strategy to collect as many points as possible. Remember, you can merge all the joy points collected in the five different sites if you have a common email address across all the sites.

You have until October 23 to grab as many points as you can, in order to convert them to free bingo tickets. The clock is ticking. Start collecting your points today and grab the maximum number of free tickets to increase your winning chances.

Amazing offers at Bingo on the Box

Bingo on the Box has got lined up for you some top bingo offers for this month. Fabulous promotions in daily, weekly and monthly games are what this September has in store for you. Take a look at some of the fabulous offers for the month.

The first week of September celebrates the autumn season at bingo on the box. The 3427 Autumn Leaves Giveaway is your chance to grab a huge bonus. Keep an eye out for the leaf pattern in the 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games and get hold of your autumn bonus.

The Back to Skool giveaway runs at Bingo on the box in the second week of September. It’s time to get your kids back to school. The happening word is ‘S’ in the bingo rooms this week. Land as ‘S’ and you can win huge cash rewards this week.

Celebrate the Harvest Festival with Bingo on the Box in the third week of September. Join the Harvest festival game and walk away with some huge bingo winnings when you hit the plough pattern in your bingo card during the 1498 Harvest Festival Giveaway promotion at Bingo on the Box.

The 4590 Pet Palz Giveaway will be held in the last week of September. Man’s best friend is the key pattern for this week. If you find a dog pattern, you can walk away with the huge giveaway on the last week.

Alongside these September promotions, Bingo on the Box will also run all its regular progressives and promos. The monthly Megapot of £1,500 will happen as usual in the last Friday of the month. Make sure you get your tickets in advance and get to the Day Dreamer room to bag this grand jackpot.

If you do not yet have an account with Bingo on the Box, it is time to sign up now. Bingo on the box is a top-notch innovative online bingo site that uses modern software that allows you to have a cool bingo experience through TV as well.

The TV show of the Bingo on the Box are daily aired on Sky Daily and you can get your tickets in advance to play the telecasted version of online bingo games. This gives you a completely different experience from the regular online bingo games. If you are not a TV person, rest assured as you do not need to watch the progress of the game in order to claim your winnings. Take a print of the purchased tickets and your tickets will play for themselves. Cool, isn’t it. Only watch the television to see if you have won.

If you are in the mood for some big wins, you might also want to check out the Progressive Jackpot bingo games that the site has for you. Starting at £1000, the jackpot amount keeps on increasing till the jackpot has been claimed.

Jackpot lovers can also check out the 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo rooms on Fridays for some guaranteed jackpot wins. The best part about these guaranteed jackpot games on Fridays are that they are absolutely free. That’s right!! From 12:00pm to 12:00am, log in for some free bingo action that gives you some real cash prizes in guaranteed jackpots.

If you are looking for some more free bingo action, then check out Bingo on the Box on Mondays when the BOGOF promotion is in full swing. Simply buy one ticket and get another absolutely free.

Bingo on the Box also has special consolation prizes for bingo players who are just one number or two numbers away from a bingo win.

With such amazing treats lined up for you, Bingo on the Box surely rules as the best bingo site for September. Sign up now and enjoy the top bingo offers here this month.