£25k JoyPot set to take place at Wink Bingo in October

Five of the top online bingo sites for the next two months is undoubtedly the sites that belong to the Joy of Bingo network that comprises of Wink Bingo, RedBus Bingo, Tasty Bingo, Posh Bingo and the newest one to join the Joy Bingo caravan – Bingo Street.

What sets these bingo sites apart for September and October is that the JoyPot season is back. Members at any of these five bingo sites can start collecting joypoints in order to trade them for free bingo tickets to the exclusive bingo game that has a total cash prize reward of £25,000 in its kitty.

Come October 30, and the quarterly £25k joypot game is set to play in Wink Bingo at 10:00pm. You can claim a share of this mega jackpot prize reward by paying just £2 for one bingo ticket to this game or you could simply collect joypoints and trade them for bingo tickets to this game for free.

While you can collect joy points in any of the sister sites, you will need a membership account with Wink Bingo in order to play this game. So, make sure that you sign up with Wink Bingo today.

Bingo players in these popular online bingo sites are already familiar with the JoyPot games that play four times a year, and more specific Wink Bingo promotions. However there is a twist this time round. This time the single line prize, double line prize and the final bingo house prize will remain a big hush hush secret until the dawn of October 30 when the game is set to be played.

That’s right, winners; you will have to wait till D-day to know how the spoils are going to be divided among the winners. But, while that information can wait, what cannot wait is your strategy to collect as many points as possible. Remember, you can merge all the joy points collected in the five different sites if you have a common email address across all the sites.

You have until October 23 to grab as many points as you can, in order to convert them to free bingo tickets. The clock is ticking. Start collecting your points today and grab the maximum number of free tickets to increase your winning chances.