888Ladies Bingo’s top new offer of Ikea vouchers

888Ladies Bingo is all set to bring a smile to the faces of its bingo members as it announces its £4k Perfect Hostess promotion where a total of £4,000 worth of Ikea vouchers are up for grabs.

The much awaited game is set to take place on August 28. While tickets are only costing £1, there are plenty of chances to win yourself free bingo tickets between now and the scheduled date.

Winners of the 90 ball Perfect Hostess bingo game will win £750 worth of Ikea vouchers for a one line win, while winner of two lines will win Ikea vouchers worth £1,000. The grand prize winner, i.e. the full house winner will be the proud recipient of £2,250 in Ikea vouchers.

How is 888Ladies distributing the free tickets? Well, there are several tasks that you could do that will earn you some points. Once you collect 500 points, you have earned yourself one free ticket to the big game.

There are also special golden ticket pattern bingo games held every weekend which can further give you access to free tickets to the £4k Perfect Hostess game.

On the D-day, also expect plenty of extra bingo games, chat games and double chat points as 888Ladies hosts its usual After Show party where more fabulous prizes await the lucky bingo players.

With the AfterShock voucher games coming up on July 31 and the next in line, Ikea vouchers scheduled for Aug 28, 888Ladies seem to always have fabulous offers for their bingo members, making it imperative for all bingo players to have an account here.

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