Back2School Bingo

Along with the other new bingo sites of 2011 comes Back2School Bingo, a fun school themed site that’s already proving popular with players!  Found at, the first notable feature of the site is that it isn’t one of these cutesy girly themed sites which can be so off-putting to older or male players.   The ‘schoolyard’ environment of Back to School Bingo is refreshingly unisex and offers a lively background to an easy-to-navigate interface, including a very easy click ticker-tape running along the bottom of the Back to School Bingo pages, to highlight games just about to start.

Click HERE to Play Back2School Bingo


Click HERE to Play Back2School Bingo

Back2School Bingo offers the full gambit of 75 and 90 ball games, with ticket prices following the online bingo average range of 5p, 10p and 15p games.   What is impressive is the range of games across the rooms and the game payout guarantees, as well as the opportunities to bag progressive jackpots from game to game – someone at Back2SchoolBingo has really done their homework to find out what players like!   Additionally, with a nod to the diversity of the schoolyard, Back2School Bingo’s Harmony room plays with Euros.

Support is readily available throughout Back2School bingo site, provided through ‘Teacher’s Assistants’ to ensure that access to games and answers to queries happens promptly.   However, just like school, most of what you want to know can be found by taking a good look around.  There’s a comprehensive game schedule breakdown, including costs, game guarantees and jackpot details, so that players can really pick their own favorite timetable for play!

Of course, with the school theme comes chat, which is a big feature of the site.   Again some of this is very playground themed, such as the joking ‘Troublemaker’ chat host, but there’s real fun with all the banter!   Game rooms offer quick links to other parts of the site and offer welcome pointers as to other big games or bonuses coming up, so there’s little chance of missing out on the bigger or special games.

To get players started, there are free offers to encourage further education in what Back2School bingo is all about!   Currently there is a free £1, offered as being potentially 100 free penny games, but may go more quickly on 5p or 10p tickets!

Finally, Back2School Bingo is one of the Ukash bingo sites, which makes depositing beyond that free £1 easy to do using Ukash or one of 37 other methods, because you’ll almost certainly want to stay in school beyond that £1 of free play!

Click HERE to Play Back2School Bingo