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Top New Years Day treats at bingo sites

Ok, the countdown has begun – only three more days to go for the New Year. Tradition has it that the first day of the New Year is reserved for special events and so it is only logical that you scout for some special bingo events for the New Year. Here is a quick roundup of what the Joy Of Bingo sites have in store for you

Wink Bingo: Without doubt, Wink Bingo has the top of the line offer with a brand new Mini Cooper giveaway. The package includes a five year service package and road taxes for the whole year!!! The game is scheduled for New Years Day at 08:00pm and tickets cost £5. Make sure you have your tickets in hand for this grand New Year special.

Tasty Bingo: There’s a tasty treat waiting for you at Tasty Bingo – £2k worth of High Street vouchers to share among the top three winners of the special 90 ball bingo game at 09:45pm in New Years Day at this site. Single line winners get £400 worth of vouchers, double line winners take £600 worth of vouchers and full house winners take home £1000 worth of vouchers for tickets that cost just 50p.

Posh Bingo: Posh Bingo goes posh with a cash giveaway. There is a cool £2k to be grabbed at poshbingo.com when you play the 90 ball bingo game on January 1, 2012 at 09:45pm. Tickets cost just 50p and prizes will be £300, £700 and £1000 in cash to single line, double line and full house winners.

RedBus Bingo: RedBus Bingo also has £2k worth of High Street vouchers to give away just as in Tasty Bingo but here is what makes this deal sweeter than Tasty’s. The £2k High Street vouchers are for the 75 ball bingo game which means the entire prize pool goes to the full house winner who lands the shopping cart pattern first. Tickets are a wee bit expensive at £1 but your share of winnings is also higher here. The D-day is January 1, 2012 at 10:00pm.

Bingo Street: For a new bingo site 2011, Bingo Street is having a cool £3k cash giveaway on the New Year at 09:30pm. Individual prize categories are £500 for single line, £1000 for two lines and £1500 for the full house. But here comes the best part. This game is going to cost you only 10p per bingo ticket.

So, take your pick and enjoy some grand New Year bingo action. Why not sign up for all these games? After all, it is a special night. Happy New Year!!!

Foxy Bingo welcomes the New Year with £31,000 giveaway

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Where will you be New Years Eve? Wherever you may be, make sure you have got tickets to the biggest online bingo game of the night at Foxy Bingo where there is a whopping £31,000 giveaway planned.

Yes, you read right. £31,000 is up for grabs at foxy bingo, come New Years Eve. And there are special prizes reserved for even players who could not make it to the full house for want of one or two numbers. Here is what you can win at Bingo Foxy on December 31, 2011.

  • £3,500 for getting a single line
  • £7,500 for getting two lines
  • £1,500 for getting two numbers short for a full house bingo win
  • £3,500 for getting a single number short for a full house bingo win
  • £15,500 for getting the full house!!!

Yeah, the prizes are amazing. Keep in mind that the prizes in each of the categories in this 90 ball bingo game will have to be shared among the different claimants of each category but despite this, the individual prize pools are big enough to guarantee massive wins to every one involved.

Tickets can be bought at just £1.50 per bingo ticket at FoxyBingo. It doesn’t sound like too much for a bingo game with some amazing prizes.

You have something planned for New Years Eve? That should be no problem as you can pre-buy your ticket now. After all, it is not every day that such an amazing opportunity comes to you. Don’t have an account at foxy bingo.co.uk? Again, no problem. Just sign up now and you are good to go. While you wait for the New Year to roll in, there are also some other amazing offers.

Play tomorrow or on Sunday, December 16 at Santa’s workshop and get iPads, holiday vouchers or bonus points. Additionally, there is the Wonderful Winter promotion that launched on November 23 and is set to play out till January 12, 2012. It plays on Wednesdays at 09:00pm and prizes include sofas, kindles and since it is Christmas, you can also expect turkey and Christmas trees as well.  Sign up at foxybingo.com now.

XBingo’s fabulous Xmas treat

Christmas is just round the corner. So, XBingo – one of the best bingo sites has got an Xmas special – Special Christmas gifts when you play the 10p bingo game tonight at 09:30pm.

Gifts worth £2,000 are up for grabs here. Win this and you will not need to worry about the expensive gifts to purchase for Christmas. Winning these £2,000 of prizes at just 10p per ticket, definitely makes it one of the top online bingo games of the month, sorry, year.

Don’t look glum if you do not yet have an account with xbingo.com. Simply sign up right away. There is a fantastic no deposit required bingo bonus for all new members at this site. Sign up today and get a £5 free bingo bonus. While the new deposit bonus gives you some free bingo games, there is also a huge 300% first deposit bonus at BingoX, giving you bingo games four times worth your money.

The fabulous bingo bonuses are not the only reasons to sign up. Every month, this new bingo site has a fantastic Out of This World promotion that can be anything from concert tickets to holiday trips or a makeover for your house, etc. This month, it is a promotion that is going to guarantee you a Christmas Out Of This World!!!

With hi-tech gadgets worth £2,000 as the top bingo prize for tonight’s game, you definitely need to sign up in a hurry here.  Those who already have an account here have already started collecting their penny priced tickets. Just so you know, you can also purchase more than one ticket to this fabulous bingo game. In fact you can buy up to 96 tickets in this bingo game. At just 10p per ticket, you can still manage to keep the costs below £10, even with the maximum number of tickets in your kitty.

Hurry and act now. Sign up immediately and get ready for this big game. Sale of tickets will close 30 seconds before the scheduled time of the game. Winning this game is a must as it will take care of your gift shopping list for Christmas this year. And if you really don’t have need for the £2,000 worth of hi-tech goodies, (which I think is highly unlikely), you can also opt to win the alternative cash prize of £1,000 instead.

Happy Xmas!!!

The top three bingo sites for New Year

The countdown to the New Year has begun and accordingly the countdown to the best bingo promotions have begun as well, as some of the best online games are going to be played on New Year ’s Day at 888Ladies Bingo, Wink Bingo and posh bingo, some of the best bingo sites in town.

With so many top online bingo games to choose from, it is going to be difficult to choose the ultimate site to spend the New Year’s session with. While it is a holiday giveaway at Bingo 888Ladies, it is a Mini Cooper that you can grab at Bingo Wink and whopping £2k cash prize at Bingo Posh to indulge in your guilty pleasures.

Wink Bingo, one of the most popular names in online bingo sites 2011, is giving away a car on New Years Day. That’s right folks. Win a brand new Mini Cooper with electric windows, AC, central locking system etc along with a 5 year service package and a year’s road tax for free at winkbingo.com. Log in at 08:00pm to win this dream prize.

888Ladies Bingo is giving away three holiday vouchers totaling to £4000 in a New Year special bingo game at 09:00pm. The single line prize winner of this 90 ball bingo game will win vouchers worth £750 while the second prize winner will win vouchers worth £1250. The top winner of this grand holiday giveaway will get to enjoy a fabulous holiday with vouchers worth £2000.

Posh Bingo also has a special treat lined up for you. At 09:45 log in at poshbingo.co.uk to play for cash prizes worth £2000, with £300 to the single line winner, £700 to the two line winner and £1000 for the full house bingo winner. Win these fabulous cash giveaways and you can indulge in your guiltiest of passions, on this New Year.

So which of these prizes are you going to go after? There is no need to worry as you can try for all these top prizes in a row. Start with WinkBingo at 08:00pm, move on to 888Ladies at 09:00pm and round up with PoshBingo at 09:45pm and have a Happy New Year. Sign up with all the three sites today in order to start collecting points to get free bingo tickets to these games.

The crème de la crème of Bingo Offers in October

Two offers stand out in October – the win a car a day promotion and win four holidays promotion at William Hill Bingo and Sky Bingo respectively.

Just as the name says, Sky Bingo really reaches for the sky in the online bingo world. This fabulous site is always booming with the best offers, promos and best bingo bonuses.

The October promo that is the talk of the town is definitely Sky Bingo Wingo 2. Wingo ‘2’, because it is a sequel to Wingo 1 which was such a huge success that bingo players demanded a second shot at this fabulous promotion.

With this promo, Sky Bingo has personal websites created for all its members. Wow, that’s new! So, what can you do with this website? You can track your movement as you go along a virtual route map that runs from Great Britain to Tenerife.

Every £1 that you spend on bingo tickets in a day at Sky Bingo earns you wingo miles. Sky Bingo is also presenting some exclusive offers that allow you to boost your Wingo miles. Move along the map and unlock tons of bingo bonuses, bingo gems loyalty points and most importantly, your chance to win one of four fabulous holidays that is being given away at this site.

In the other top bingo promotion, 31 lucky players get a free ride at William Hill Bingo this month as the site is having one of the most fabulous promotions ever – a massive car giveaway rally with one car for every day in October.

31 bingo players at William Hill Bingo will be proud owners of vehicles from the popular brand Fiat. In all, 29 Fiat Panda and 2 Fiat 500 are set to be given away this month, with most of the cars already won by lucky bingo players at this site.

October was also a special month at mecca bingo which gave away over £50,000 to one of its bingo players during the site’s special 50th anniversary celebration promotions.

If you have missed out in participating in all of these promotions, do not worry. There is also the much awaited £25JoyPot that is coming up at Wink Bingo at the end of this month. Make sure you are in time for this one.

Top Online Bingo Sites

It has become so difficult for online bingo sites to stay among the top players today. The sites have to keep updating their promotions, offers and bonuses if they want to keep themselves in the limelight.

Some of the major online bingo sites that constantly have some exciting promos and bonuses on offer are as follows.

Sun Bingo would take the first name in the list as this site is constantly coming up with something new for its members. There is a huge jackpot of £25,000 up for the grabs in every week of this month. You only have to make a minimum bet of £10 on Bingo or £30 on Slots and Mini Games every day between October 1 and December 4 to get a free entry into the weekly draw.

The Halloween special Spooky Bingo Promo is also something that is not to be missed. You are going to have a terrifyingly good time playing at sun bingo this month. There is a 100% welcome bonus when you join up on the site, so rush to make a dash for it.

Another top online bingo site is the relatively new X Bingo. The £1,500 Slots X-Travaganza is where you have up to 50 cash prizes to be won every time. The Lifestyle Out of this World promotion is also a biggie that is runs at XBingo, every month. This month, one lucky winner can win a prize of £3,600 to build a brand new kitchen on the 30th of October. Teaming up with Tesco Kitchens, XBingo has shaped up for you, the best deal ever, which includes free installation and all the electrical appliances that you would ever need. There is also a no deposit welcome bonus of £5 when you register and a 300% first deposit bonus.

The next name in the list of top online bingo sites is also a new entry to the online bingo scene. Bingo Street is where online bingo fans will find everything they would love to have on a bingo site. The Halloween treat on Bingo Street is the £400 Haunted House promo, which can win you a £310 jackpot just by playing your favorite online bingo games. You must also team up and play Buddy Bingo on Bingo Street as soon as you join.

Also check out Wink Bingo, where a £25k jackpot awaits you at the end of the month and a brand new Mini Cooper car on New Years day.

Pirates and Caribbean action at Chit Chat Bingo

cc-su-468x60Click here for ChitChat!! Yar…

Get ready for some Pirates of the Caribbean action at Chit Chat Bingo, one of the top bingo sites in UK. There are plenty of booty to be won as you join in the treasure hunt at Chit Chat Bingo every day from 08:00PM to 09:00pm.

This October Chit Chat Bingo has some pirate action for you, complete with a treasure map laden with goodies. Two games will be held from 08:00pm to 09:00pm. Bingo winners in this game have a chance not just to bag the full house bingo prize but also claim hidden valuables from the treasure map as an extra prize reward for the win.

These extra prizes are hidden in the treasure map with goodies tucked away for each number. Every full house winner will become eligible to the “booty” that corresponds to the number on which they win the full house. These special mystery prizes can be anything; from a box of chocolates to DVD box sets, bingo bonuses to a free go at the slots and much more. You may also be allowed to opt for the cash alternative of these goodies if your potluck mystery prize does not appeal to you.

So if the idea of a special mystery prize along with your assured bingo prizes sounds like just what you need to brighten up your evenings, log in at Chit Chat Bingo and enjoy the bingo games there.

Speaking of pirates, do you fancy yourself sailing the high seas? If so; there is exciting news for bingo players at this site. If you play in the pirate special games then you also stand a chance to set sail across the Caribbean with a luxury Caribbean Cruise, courtesy Chit Chat Bingo.

Every person who plays the special online bingo games in October will be entered in a free draw for this Caribbean Cruise. The draw will be held on November 1, 2011 where one lucky player will win a free cruise for two worth £3000. Alternately you can also opt for the cash alternative reward of £2100.

The Best Bingo Offers For October

It’s a new month and bingo sites are busy launching the latest promotions for bingo players. October has some real exciting promotions that are going to impress bingo lovers in UK. Take a look at some of the best bingo options for the month of October.

William Hill Bingo – Win  a car every day

William Hill Bingo has one of the best offers at the moment. There is a fabulous car giveaway at this site from October 1 to October 31. While a car giveaway is not new, what makes this bingo giveaway unique and mind blowing is the fact that there are 31 car giveaways in the month of October, one for every day of October.

What is proving exciting to bingo players here is that there are multiple ways to win free entry draw tickets to this online draw giveaway. Furthermore, you can easily bag more than one free ticket per day. For instance spend £1 or £5 on bingo games or instant games and get one point each. With just three to four points you have yourself a free entry ticket. With double the points you get two free entry tickets and so on. You can also win two free entry tickets every time you land a bingo win on the number 61 at william hill bingo.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo, one of the most popular online bingo sites comes next in the list of top online bingo promotions for the month with its whopping £25k joypot carnival. Sign up with wink bingo and get ready to play the £25k joypot on October 30. With free bingo cards that are made available to you on joypoints collected at Wink Bingo, Posh Bingo, Tasty Bingo, RedBus Bingo and Bingo Street, this is going to be one of the best value for money offers. Of course you can also purchase extra bingo cards for just £2 each.

Tombola Bingo

Tombola Bingo has a grand bingo promotion scheduled from October 3 to October 9 where there is a huge giveaway of £70000 in link games.

Sky Bingo

Win a holiday to any of the four destinations – Jersey, Nice, Majorca and Tenerife, simply by playing bingo at the site. In order to play this game, you have to follow a virtual road map that will take you to the four holiday spots. Collect Wingo miles by spending £1 on bingo tickets and get going to collect free bingo tickets to win holiday vouchers for each of these destinations. The game is only set to play on November 3, but in order to win the tickets you need to be on the road from October 3 onwards.

Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo has completed 50 golden years and they are celebrating this with a whopping £50,000 escalator jackpot. From October 10 to October 23, the bingo jackpot play will be in progress. With over £50,000 in cash prizes that can be won anytime during these days, you need to make sure you are on your toes here. This is a guaranteed jackpot and so if there is no winner by the time the last day dawns, mecca bingo, will increase the ball count every hour, making sure that the prize is definitely claimed by midnight.  You can either play via your PC or laptop or sign up for this 90 ball bingo games via your android, iPhone or mobiles.

Sun Bingo

There is a whopping £25000 to be won every week at sun bingo from October 1 to December 4. Simply log in at Sun Bingo and bingo away at games worth £10 or play other instant games such as online slots or mini games worth £30. Each time you reach this milestone you get yourself an entry into the online draw which will decide the winner of the £25k prize for the week.

468x60Play Sun Bingo now and claim your weekly £25000!!! Click now!

These are only a few of the bingo promotions making waves at bingo sites this month. Make sure you sign up for the best of the offers ASAP.

Get ready for PayDay at Moon Bingo

It is nearing the end of the month, when every one looks forward to payday. Well, you can have a pay day also when playing online bingo. Simply look up Moon Bingo and you  can grab up to £10,000 to make your pay day memorable.

Moon Bingo’s top promotion is always kept for the last day of the month. This week on Friday, September 30, make sure you sign up with Moon Bingo and are ready for their £10,000 pay day special bingo jackpot.

At 30p a card you can be in the running for amazing prizes from a guaranteed £2,000 to a whopping £10,000!!! While this game is only scheduled for the end of the month, you can pre purchase your cards now. So hurry up. Sign up now and claim your tickets to this game.

For those who are not familiar with Moon Bingo’s Pay day Bingo, here is the deal. Win the bingo full house, within a pre-determined number of calls and the prize jackpot is £10,000; else you can still win the guaranteed jackpot of £2000, if you claim the bingo win after the pre-determined number of balls have been called out.

Every day is a pay day at Moon Bingo as the site also has many other promotions lined up for you. The Gimme More Room now features the new Swedish bingo games which is a 75 ball game that guarantees five prizes if you bingo on any line, be it horizontal, vertical or diagonal. At just 10p per game, this is your ticket to top bingo games that offer higher chances of winning.

There are also four separate tourneys launched at Moon Bingo. The Hot Slots tourney features favorite instant games such as Sugar Train, Fluffy Favorites, Piggy Payout and White Wizard. Launched in September 19, you have up to the 30th to grab exciting prizes such as gift cards and loyalty points.

Win a live tour of X Factor at Sing Bingo

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How would you like to get a peek into the X Factor world? It this idea sounds like a too good to be true offer, then you should check out one of the best nodeposit bingo sites, Sing Bingo this month.

Among many amazing September giveaways that includes a digital camera, a HD camcorder, iPad Nano and a Samsung HD TV on Fridays at this site, there is also an Ultimate X Factor Night game that is scheduled for 9:00pm on Wednesday September 28 where you can lay your hands on four tickets to the X Factor Live Tour and take a peek into this star studded musical extravaganza.

That’s not all. If you win these tickets, you can also expect some starry treatment. Sing Bingo is going all out to give you a grand night. Get three of your best buddies along and enjoy a royal night with a ride in a stretch limousine all the way to the concert along with a bottle of champagne – on the house. The excitement does not end here. After your tour, spend your night in a fantastic hotel, again courtesy of Sing Bingo, before you return to your life back at home.

If this sounds like an exciting enough prize, then sign up with Sing Bingo for a fabulous signup bonus and get ready to play the Ultimate X Factor Night  for tickets that cost you just £2. Or play some bingo games and instant win games from now to Tuesday, September 27 to earn some X-points for free bingo tickets to this game.

For every £1 that you spend on these games, you will get a total of two points each and if you manage to bingo on the letter ‘X’ or the Judge’s Wildcard pattern (L, G, K and T), you will get 1000 points each. You can trade your X-points for some free bingo cards to the Ultimate X Factor Night game at the rate of 1000 X-points for one card.

This is a never before opportunity. So don’t let it slip from your hands. Sign up today and keep your fingers crossed.