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£25k JoyPot set to take place at Wink Bingo in October

Five of the top online bingo sites for the next two months is undoubtedly the sites that belong to the Joy of Bingo network that comprises of Wink Bingo, RedBus Bingo, Tasty Bingo, Posh Bingo and the newest one to join the Joy Bingo caravan – Bingo Street.

What sets these bingo sites apart for September and October is that the JoyPot season is back. Members at any of these five bingo sites can start collecting joypoints in order to trade them for free bingo tickets to the exclusive bingo game that has a total cash prize reward of £25,000 in its kitty.

Come October 30, and the quarterly £25k joypot game is set to play in Wink Bingo at 10:00pm. You can claim a share of this mega jackpot prize reward by paying just £2 for one bingo ticket to this game or you could simply collect joypoints and trade them for bingo tickets to this game for free.

While you can collect joy points in any of the sister sites, you will need a membership account with Wink Bingo in order to play this game. So, make sure that you sign up with Wink Bingo today.

Bingo players in these popular online bingo sites are already familiar with the JoyPot games that play four times a year, and more specific Wink Bingo promotions. However there is a twist this time round. This time the single line prize, double line prize and the final bingo house prize will remain a big hush hush secret until the dawn of October 30 when the game is set to be played.

That’s right, winners; you will have to wait till D-day to know how the spoils are going to be divided among the winners. But, while that information can wait, what cannot wait is your strategy to collect as many points as possible. Remember, you can merge all the joy points collected in the five different sites if you have a common email address across all the sites.

You have until October 23 to grab as many points as you can, in order to convert them to free bingo tickets. The clock is ticking. Start collecting your points today and grab the maximum number of free tickets to increase your winning chances.

Amazing offers at Bingo on the Box

Bingo on the Box has got lined up for you some top bingo offers for this month. Fabulous promotions in daily, weekly and monthly games are what this September has in store for you. Take a look at some of the fabulous offers for the month.

The first week of September celebrates the autumn season at bingo on the box. The 3427 Autumn Leaves Giveaway is your chance to grab a huge bonus. Keep an eye out for the leaf pattern in the 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games and get hold of your autumn bonus.

The Back to Skool giveaway runs at Bingo on the box in the second week of September. It’s time to get your kids back to school. The happening word is ‘S’ in the bingo rooms this week. Land as ‘S’ and you can win huge cash rewards this week.

Celebrate the Harvest Festival with Bingo on the Box in the third week of September. Join the Harvest festival game and walk away with some huge bingo winnings when you hit the plough pattern in your bingo card during the 1498 Harvest Festival Giveaway promotion at Bingo on the Box.

The 4590 Pet Palz Giveaway will be held in the last week of September. Man’s best friend is the key pattern for this week. If you find a dog pattern, you can walk away with the huge giveaway on the last week.

Alongside these September promotions, Bingo on the Box will also run all its regular progressives and promos. The monthly Megapot of £1,500 will happen as usual in the last Friday of the month. Make sure you get your tickets in advance and get to the Day Dreamer room to bag this grand jackpot.

If you do not yet have an account with Bingo on the Box, it is time to sign up now. Bingo on the box is a top-notch innovative online bingo site that uses modern software that allows you to have a cool bingo experience through TV as well.

The TV show of the Bingo on the Box are daily aired on Sky Daily and you can get your tickets in advance to play the telecasted version of online bingo games. This gives you a completely different experience from the regular online bingo games. If you are not a TV person, rest assured as you do not need to watch the progress of the game in order to claim your winnings. Take a print of the purchased tickets and your tickets will play for themselves. Cool, isn’t it. Only watch the television to see if you have won.

If you are in the mood for some big wins, you might also want to check out the Progressive Jackpot bingo games that the site has for you. Starting at £1000, the jackpot amount keeps on increasing till the jackpot has been claimed.

Jackpot lovers can also check out the 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo rooms on Fridays for some guaranteed jackpot wins. The best part about these guaranteed jackpot games on Fridays are that they are absolutely free. That’s right!! From 12:00pm to 12:00am, log in for some free bingo action that gives you some real cash prizes in guaranteed jackpots.

If you are looking for some more free bingo action, then check out Bingo on the Box on Mondays when the BOGOF promotion is in full swing. Simply buy one ticket and get another absolutely free.

Bingo on the Box also has special consolation prizes for bingo players who are just one number or two numbers away from a bingo win.

With such amazing treats lined up for you, Bingo on the Box surely rules as the best bingo site for September. Sign up now and enjoy the top bingo offers here this month.

More Great Bingo Offers for August 2011

There are so many new things happening in the online bingo world. With so many new sites coming up on a daily basis, the competition is pretty fierce. The top online bingo sites really do not want their players to move away to new sites due to lack of promotions or bonuses.

As a result, bingo players will see plenty of new bonuses and promotions as top sites compete with each other in luring players to their site.  Here are some of the promotions that are in store at the best online bingo sites for the month of August.

City Bingo has now started offering a no deposit bingo bonus of £5 for its new players. However, take note that this offer is only for a limited period. So, now is the time to try out the amazing games and slots at this online bingo site. Also take advantage of the 250% first deposit bonus that is being given to the first time depositors.

Fancy Bingo is another hot site that you must wait no longer to visit. There is a brilliant cash match bonus of 350% for all new players coming to Fancy Bingo. However, make sure you take a run for this offer as it might last only until the end of this month.

Another online bingo site that is having a special offer this month is JackpotJoy Bingo. The Crazy Carnival and the Jungle Jump are the next new promotions that are coming soon this month, at this site. Also, there is an amazing jackpot of £100,000 to be won in Bingo Royale guaranteed jackpots this month here.

The brand new site Bingo Street is another popular name in the online bingo world and this site continues with the Spin the Signpost option with which you can grab as much as 10 times your deposit just by spinning the signpost. The site is also soon opening a Swedish Bingo room, named the ‘Fruity Fives’, and bingo players can grab up to five chances to win bingo cash prizes at this room.

Bucky Bingo to give away an iPad2 in August

Back2School BingoBucky, Buck,,, Back2School Bingo!!! Click here to play now!

Hey bingo lovers, have you been looking long and hard for an iPad2? These fabulous tech devices are hard to come by these days, so if you are really keen on getting your hands on one of these, make sure you visit Bucky Bingo, as Bucky is going to make one bingo player lucky in August by giving away an iPad2.

Bucky Bingo, one of the top bingo sites in UK is offering bingo players the chance to win an iPad2 simply by playing at Bucky Bingo this month. The iPad2 will be given away to the top winner of a special draw this month.

With the much in demand and out of supply iPad2, bingo lovers can now enjoy bingo on the go, as well as indulge in other popular passions such as watching movies or listening to music. The iPad2 will also release you from the confines of being desk bound when you wish to surf the net.

To get your hands on this multi dimensional gadget make sure you make a deposit at Bucky Bingo this month and play games worth £25. If you are a new bingo player at this site, then you are really lucky as on your first deposit you will coolly win a 100% bonus along with another free gift which is what Bucky Bingo is currently offering as signup bonuses to all the first time depositors at this site.

The lucky draw at Bucky will reward eight bingo players. While the top prize for this event is as mentioned before the iPad2, there are several other cool prizes to be won at this event. Consolation prizes of £10 cash will be given to five bingo players and the two top runner ups to the final draw will receive a watch gift card worth £50.

So hurry bingo lovers, make each and every buck work for you by playing at Bucky Bingo this month for the coveted iPad2 special draw prize.

Top bingo offers in August

Bingo lovers are in for a treat this August as the Joy Carnival is set to hit the top online bingo sites this month. Why is the Joy Carnival event a must play event? Well the answer, is that the Joy Carnival series of games will bring to you top cash prizes at absolutely no risk. How is this possible? Read on to find out more.

A total of £15,000 will be up for grabs absolutely risk free at the top online bingo sites belonging to the Joy of Bingo network. In fact this time round, the latest new bingo site and also coincidently the latest Joy of Bingo site to make an entry in the bingo world will also be participating in the event. That’s right folks; Bingo Street launches its first Joy Carnival event by offering £1,000 on the last Thursday of the month.

In fact, Bingo Street will be the site that is flagging off this Joy Carnival event. Tickets available for just 1p will see bingo players vying for £1,000 on Thursday the 25th of August at Bingo Street.

This will be followed by Tasty Bingo’s Joy Carnival offer of prize winnings that totals £2,000 in cash prizes for just 2p per card. Tasty Bingo’s game will be played on Friday, the 26th of August.

The other Joy members will also continue the relay, playing on each successive day. Saturday, the 27th of August will see Redbus Bingo members playing for a total of £3,000 in cash prizes for tickets that cost you – you guessed it – just 3p per card.

Get the gist now? Then you should know without me telling you that the fourth and fifth games of the Joy Carnival series will be played for a total of 4,000 and 5,000 pounds with tickets that cost just 4p and 5p respectively.

So on Sunday, the 28th of August, log in to Posh Bingo and try your luck for the £4k winnings. So which is the site that is left to host the final £5k mega event? You guessed right, again – Wink Bingo.

Wink Bingo will host the final game of the Joy Carnival series with a whopping £5k in prizes for bingo cards at the rate of just 5p per card.

I remember mentioning somewhere in the beginning that these games are absolutely risk free. Agreed that the tickets to these super prize games are ridiculously under priced but still that does not make them risk free, does it? So, how am I saying that these games are risk free?

The answer is simple. All those who participate in any or all of these games and do not win a share of the £15,000 prizes, will get a refund for the bingo cards purchased by them for the games belonging to the Carnival series.

That’s right folks; get back all the money invested in this mega bingo carnival. Of course, the money will be refunded only as bonuses, but it still makes for an absolutely delightful risk-free offer. Isn’t this a great deal?

It really cannot get better than this. In fact it increases your chances of winning as you can purchase quite a number of tickets to tip the odds in your favor, knowing only too well that you will get back the money that you spend on these tickets, should you not win a prize.

It almost amounts to playing bingo games online for free for top bingo cash prizes. Here is your chance to grab up to £15,000 in cash prizes without the risk of loosing even a penny.

Make sure you sign up with all the Joy of Bingo sites in order to cash in on this exciting Joy Carnival offer. Don’t forget – the games in effect are absolutely free. All the best to all the bingo players who are gearing up for this mega Carnival series.

Top Online Bingo Sites For July

July rocks!! As far as the bingo world is concerned, July seems to be a hot and happening month with many top bingo sites offering mega promotions that are set to send bingo memberships to an all time high.

Here is a quick rundown on some of the top online bingo sites and their offers for July.

Fairys Bingo

Fairys Bingo has an exciting summer promotion coming up. Set sail over the seven seas in a paid seven day cruise to Alaska with an additional £2,000 as your holiday spending money. Wow!!! What should you do to win this prize? Simply play the 75-25 (Swedish Bingo) Cruise Coverall game on August 6. You can pre-buy the tickets this month or also win free tickets to this game by trading your bingo points.

Mail Bingo

Mail Bingo is having a Monster Birthday Bash on the 27th of July. As part of their first anniversary  celebrations, the site has added another £5,000 to the prize pot, raising the prize pot figures to a whopping £15,000. So make sure you are present at the Bingo Café room at 9pm on the D day.

Dream Bingo

Dream Bingo has a dream of a jackpot coming up. Say goodbye to July with the perfect game on 31st July, 2011 as a total of £10,000 is up for grabs on the last day of the month at 10:00pm.

Littlewoods Bingo

The bingo break bonanza at Littlewoods Bingo is an exciting opportunity to win additional bingo prizes while playing 75 ball bingo. In the bingo break bonanza each square containing the numbers 1 to 75 will display the picture of an exciting prize that can be won. When full house winners win the game, they win not just their big bingo prize but also the gift that corresponds to the number on which they won the full house.

888Ladies Bingo’s top new offer of Ikea vouchers

888Ladies Bingo is all set to bring a smile to the faces of its bingo members as it announces its £4k Perfect Hostess promotion where a total of £4,000 worth of Ikea vouchers are up for grabs.

The much awaited game is set to take place on August 28. While tickets are only costing £1, there are plenty of chances to win yourself free bingo tickets between now and the scheduled date.

Winners of the 90 ball Perfect Hostess bingo game will win £750 worth of Ikea vouchers for a one line win, while winner of two lines will win Ikea vouchers worth £1,000. The grand prize winner, i.e. the full house winner will be the proud recipient of £2,250 in Ikea vouchers.

How is 888Ladies distributing the free tickets? Well, there are several tasks that you could do that will earn you some points. Once you collect 500 points, you have earned yourself one free ticket to the big game.

There are also special golden ticket pattern bingo games held every weekend which can further give you access to free tickets to the £4k Perfect Hostess game.

On the D-day, also expect plenty of extra bingo games, chat games and double chat points as 888Ladies hosts its usual After Show party where more fabulous prizes await the lucky bingo players.

With the AfterShock voucher games coming up on July 31 and the next in line, Ikea vouchers scheduled for Aug 28, 888Ladies seem to always have fabulous offers for their bingo members, making it imperative for all bingo players to have an account here.

Check out the site for free bingo no deposit bonus. Also enjoy a whopping 200% bonus on your first deposit. With plenty of cashback offers, guaranteed bingo games, great jackpots and fabulous promotions, 888Ladies is a top online bingo site for bingo players.

Top online bingo offers this July

There is a summer special spree going on in top online bingo sites as major bingo brands compete with each other to bring out some of the best promotions that bingo players can bet for.

For Starters Foxy Bingo has got a super £30,000 jackpot bingo game lined up for mid-July, exactly on the 15th of the month. Sponsoring two major radio stations Foxy also offers £250 worth free bingo games to radio listeners.

The Joypot bingo will see its culmination at the end of this month. All bingo players from Posh Bingo, Red Bus Bingo, Wink Bingo and Tasty Bingo, who have been vying for the £25,000 jackpot, will have their answers on 29th July at Red Bus Bingo. Best of luck!!!

Mecca Bingo is also having something lined up with the Britain’s Got Talent slot game. Other surprises in store are cashback offers galore. While a total of £5 cashback will be linked to their Britain’s Got Talent game, there will also be exclusive cashback week and cash match day offers. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Competing with the best bingo sites, Rollover Bingo is banking on it’s depositors’ special free games that will see depositors playing for a £100 jackpot every thirty minutes.

These are just a few of the special promotions listed. Bingo players never had it so good as many more bingo sites are joining the July bingo promotion bandwagon with 100% cash match promotions, cashback offers and slots bonus offers such as  at Jackpot Bingo where there is also the chance to win a £1,000 holiday trip on the last days of the month.

Also check out William Hill Bingo, Think Bingo, Heart Bingo and Caesars Bingo for their take on the special July promotions. Looks like it’s going to be a mega bingo season this July.

Play at ChitChat Bingo and win shopping vouchers

Bingo CamsLike to ChitChat? Try chatting with a web cam at BingoCams.. Click here now!

Competing with popular promotions from top bingo sites, ChitChat has always made sure its promotions remain the best of the season in order not to lose its loyal bingo fans.

Keeping this in mind, ChitChat Bingo is among the best bingo sites when it comes to big bingo bonus and mega promotions such as iPads, Merlin Passes to the best theme parks in UK, concert tickets etc. And now, as the recession forces shopoholics to take a break from shopping, ChitChat Bingo has come up with a brainwave of a promotion – Shopping Vouchers!!!

Yes, you can win fabulous shopping vouchers for Boots, Amazon, Tesco and Argos and many other online stores. A total of four lucky winners every week will win shopping vouchers worth £100 each!!! WOW

With the shopping vouchers in tow, you no longer need to go frugal with your shopping urges. Go get the book that you were dying to read or simply purchase the necessities for the week.

With shopping vouchers worth £1200 being given away in July, this is the time when you need to make sure that your free bingo games count. In order to be in the running for these vouchers, make sure you bingo at ChitChat Bingo from July 4 to July 31. Every pound spend by you on bingo tickets and in the games rooms will secure you an entry into the weekly draw.

If you do not yet have an account, hurry up and make sure you sign up here. Don’t forget, there is also a 200% first deposit bonus at this site that gives you triple your deposit amount and thus triples your chances of winning the vouchers.

Remember every pound you spend matter. So make sure, your bingo pounds are spent at ChitChat Bingo this month, to maximize your chances of winning the draw. Good Luck and Happy  Bingoing.

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New City Break Season begins at RedBus Bingo

Online bingo fans at RedBus Bingo love the city break games at this site. With the soaring success of the last game, which was popularly known as Hola Barcelona that concluded last week, the new season of this game has already been announced by the RedBus team. The next City Break game will happen on 2nd October and just as it was before, players need to collect their bingo cards to the game.

What does the top bingo site have in store for the City Break winners, this season?

The winner of the upcoming City Break Season is going to win an amazing all expense paid trip for two to London. This package includes the to and fro tickets to London, 3 nights hotel accommodation with afternoon tea at the Ritz and tickets to watch a top West End show plus £500 free spending money and a fabulous gift.

It is the first player who bingos on the Coverall pattern that wins this incredible prize.

The ticket is available at £2 per card and the players are allowed to pre-buy up to a maximum of 48 cards for the game, which plays on 2 October at RedBusBingo.Com.

Now there is also a chance that allows you to earn some free bingo cards for this exclusive game. Just collect 500 CityBreak points and win a free card.

There are several ways to earn these points. Write to RedBus Bingo about why you should win a trip to London and this can earn you 250 points. Every time you bingo on the Pound Sign pattern, you earn another 10 points and every £1 that is wagered on Bingo games adds 5 CityBreak points to your account. And for every £20 you spend on instant games, you get 2 points.

Keep collecting your points till September 28, gain your entry into the City Break game, and win an exquisite holiday to London.