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Wink Bingo

WinkBingo.com is one of the most popular bingo sites online. It can also be accessed via the URL WinkBingo.co.uk . Wink Bingo gained its large amount of bingo followers mostly due to its very rewarding loyalty programs and generous bonuses offered to new players. Wink Bingo is a member of the Joy of Bingo network, which also hosts sites like PoshBingo, TastyBingo and RedBusBingo.

New registered players on Wink Bingo get a 200% bonus on their first deposit. Since April 2010, in addition to the first deposit bonus, new players get the opportunity to spin a Wheel of Fortune where the prizes range from 15 GBP to a massive 1,000 GBP. A win of at least 15 GBP is guaranteed.

This very generous offer for new players has helped making Wink Bingo one of the most popular bingo sites out there. Visit WinkBingo.com or WinkBingo.co.uk to register and take your chance at spinning the wheel.

Existing players can also receive bonuses on their deposits with WinkBingo. The deposit amounts vary from 30% to even 70%, depending on the time of the day and the deposit amount. In addition, WinkBingo gives its players 10% cashback on all the funds they wager, which means players actually are being paid to play with the site.

WinkBingo offers a very diverse daily schedule that includes speed bingo games, fair and square sessions (in which all players can buy the exact same amount of tickets, thus have the same chance of winning the pot), coverall jackpots and progressive jackpots (Moneyball and FullHouse). Across the entire network there are four guaranteed jackpots to be won of 25,000 GBP each.  These sessions run in both the 90 balls room (British game style) and the 75 balls room (American game style). WinkBingo has a selection of side games for those who like to mix it up: Scratch-cards, Lotto, Slots, Roulette and Video Poker games are all available for WinkBingo players. One of the most popular games is the X-Factor slot machine, which is a game based on the popular television show.

In addition to all of those, WinkBingo hosts many free games at different times of the day. These games have a guaranteed pot of 10 GBP to be won, which means you can play for free but actually win real money. Check out the free games schedule on WinkBingo.com and WinkBingo.co.uk

Players who like to team up and play together will enjoy the Team Bingo sessions on Wink Bingo where you can win loyalty points and other extra prizes. If you are a new player and aren’t familiar with the community yet, check out Wink Bingo on FaceBook, Tweeter and even YouTube and start getting familiarized with the rest of the players. There are also great posts of news and additional info on winners and specials on the Holly’s Space section of WinkBingo.com and WinkBingo.co.uk .

WinkBingo has a detailed guide to tickets buying, games rules, chat etiquette and chat features, and other frequently asked questions that is available on the sites WinkBingo.co.uk and WinkBingo.com , but if for some reason you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact the friendly and professional support team via live chat, email or phone (Toll-Free for callers from the UK).

Tasty Bingo

TastyBingo.com is a renowned online bingo site, popular mostly in the United Kingdom. TastyBingo is a part of the Joy of Bingo network, the same network that hosts sites like WinkBingo,  PoshBingo and RedBusBingo.

With its unforgettable chocolate covered strawberry logo, TastyBingo is designed to increase players’ appetite for winning. The neat and colorful graphics give a comforting feeling and keeps you want to hang around at TastyBingo.com . The design and software don’t disappoint within the game itself, with a very clear games section, clear balls numbers and calling, and a dynamic side game menu.


The Tasty Bingo software is reliable, stable and provides a nice gaming experience. Players can choose between 75 balls bingo rooms and 90 balls bingo rooms. In addition, slot machines, scratch cards, high or low, roulette, black jack, video poker, virtual racing, spin the wheel and lottery type games are available. A preview of all games is on hand at TastyBingo.com , including pictures and short instructions how to play. Our favorite and most recommended Tasty Bingo game is the Love Lines scratch card. If you find three golden heart in one line on your card you can win 10,000 GBP. The design of the game is very romantic and you can certainly feel the love in the air.

The registration process on Tasty Bingo is very simple and quick. The application page includes basic details, chosen username and password and a valid email address. There is no need to download any software to play with Tasty Bingo, all the games are accessible in a no download flash version at the TastyBingo.com website. A full and detailed FAQ page is available online and the support team can be contacted twenty four seven via live chat, email or phone (free calls from landlines in the UK).

TastyBingo puts an emphasis on unique and wacky promotions. The Tasty Bingo promo page is like nothing you have ever seen: you can scroll it more than five times and the list of promotions just goes on and on. The list includes freebie games with guaranteed jackpots, Team Bingo sessions on specific hours of the day, a 2 Million Pounds jackpot that plays once a week on the weekend, free gifts giveaways, and even a promotion in which TastyBingo sends a hot and delicious Pizza right to the players’ house. Tasty Bingo also promotes a 25,000 GBP giveaway, which is basically five £5,000 jackpots that are played very closely to one another.

Tasty Bingo offers a rewarding loyalty points system. You get points for registration, for wagering money on games and for friends referrals. In addition, TastyBingo runs special hours in which the chat hosts give away free points on chat games. These points can later on be converted to real cash and then wagered on the different games.

So if you want to try a cool place to play bingo, watch out for the tasty strawberry of TastyBingo.com , between the Banana Split jackpots and the Truffle Tray rewards in the rooms, your appetite for the games will continue on increasing as you play. Check out the none ending winners list on the site with four and five figures jackpots each. Register today and get your welcome bonus –  tomorrow the winner can be you.

The Primordial Popularity of Gambling

There is currently controversy shot through Greek politicians’ moves to regulate online gaming in ways favourable to the state, which is triggering warnings from the EU and the European Community. This brings up the question of how society not only deals with gambling, but more deeply how it feels about a thing believed to be a vice.

Online bingo, despite its roots in Britain in community-oriented brick-and-mortar halls after WWII, is lumped together in with ‘gambling’ games like poker, blackjack and even with lottery-like betting games like scratch cards.

The Unfortunate Connection Between Bingo and Gambling

To bingo players, any issues of ‘gambling’ may seem remote from what they are doing when playing online. Nevertheless, since bingo is classed as a kind of gambling, gambling is in fact an issue in the continued life of online bingo.

But of course what is most interesting is not necessarily the destiny of a particular game. A most intriguing aspect is why exactly bingo delivers a thrill: to what human interest does it appeal?

It appears that the history of humanity and perhaps also its prehistory can be defined in central ways as the remembrance of moments of risk. Risk, no wonder, has become perhaps the most successful trope or theme for adult games the world over. From monumental historic events to the things that happen in a family kitchen or in school sports or in business ventures, risk plays its important part in human decision making. Implicitly we understand, evidently, that there is something very rewarding about taking a risk that ‘pays off’.

Perhaps a criterion for ‘gambling’ might be whether or not someone’s risky behaviour involves money or valuables. The reason this might be the most impartial way to define it is simply the possibility that risk saturates our lives and arbitrates much more than just money. But gambling, therefore, as a form of risk, is also a symbolic object. Gambling concentrates the experience of risk for the human mind. Let us not forget that this concentrated form and its commercial products have proven mightily interesting to many people throughout history.

Why, Basically, is Gambling So Popular?

Bingo quite reasonably is to be distinguished from hallmark gambling games like poker, in that the risk element is not in the forefront of the experience. Also, in bingo the risk is not scalable (like increasing bets to stay in a poker round) because a player just buys their cards and plays them. Bingo cards, as vehicles of a game grouped with gambling, is more accurately described as the sale of a slightly risky game of chance, closer to a lottery. Bingo is basically a lottery that requires a little effort and concentration to follow, play and win. Many socio-cultural (folkloric) elements go into bingo that are non-gambling oriented (not associated with risking money).

Ironically, when bingo went online and gave the ability to play multiple cards, it also gained a chat window, which introduced the ‘auto daubing’ function (automatically scoring players’ cards to lighten their cognitive load for the chat conversation). The software version of bingo also sometimes empowers players with various sorting tools so that they can even manage their games semi-automatically. Thus online bingo took a turn away from the traditional game and did in fact move closer to gambling. The focus on bingo sites is overwhelmingly focused upon being able to deposit cash money to boost the player’s ability to ‘win’ lots of cash and prizes — be the one holding the big jackpot check outside their house for the official winner’s portrait.

Gambling is basically about staking something valuable (usually cash) to buy access to the chance of winning a much more valuable amount. It is the combination of two powerful symbolic cultural tropes (along with risk), since money itself carries a large array of connotations, including ‘limited resource’ or ‘freedom’, as well as negative ones. So gambling is a way to manipulate (to play with) certain problematic concepts that go to our primal roots as humans, we might want to say.

Furthermore, manipulating risk and money at the same time proves to be amusing, and for some, as powerful a rush as any highly addictive substance. Researchers of addiction point to the fact that there is no psychoactive substance in gambling addiction: it’s purely psychological (although somatic effects can certainly appear for highly addicted or excited gamblers).

Perhaps it is popular to gamble ¾ throwing in bingo here, too ¾ because it offers something that sociologists have documented as part of various cultures’ rituals for a carnival-type event, a social-venting ritual, whereupon people are allowed to relax their normal contractions concerning vices and taboos. This kind of social mechanism has proven effective for subduing humans’ urges to ‘go crazy’ by supplying some slack and shared revelry at regular intervals, like doses of frustration-relief. Gambling games, too, can be seen as doses of deviance, of flirting with loss, because doing so satisfies the human sense of risk as value in a controlled way.

Perhaps More of Our Social Life is a Gamble than We Realize?

A couple of comments following a news piece about the Greek debate on regulating online gambling crystallise what may be a rising consciousness about the resemblance between our financial system and a giant international game of chance.

The author of the article summarizes the positions of the affected parties of any fast-track legislation Greece passes governing and taxing online gambling (deep taxes, mind you) [1].

One commenter, adding more colour to the cool editorial style, adds, ‘here’s a perfect way out of many of [Greece’s] problems and the government’s just busy safeguarding its interests’. The next commenter, in disagreement, writes, ‘A perfect way out of an economic crisis in a country where people are not getting paid, and there are riots over austerity measure [sic] is to push for more gambling…are you nuts!’ This response is easy to visualize as something like disbelief that something like gambling could be directed for the public good, meant for someone in favour of online gambling as a fiscal tool of the state.

Where would we be if through a popular wave of awareness we were to acknowledge that the stock market is a legalized form of gambling, for an elite club, whereas consumer gambling is outlawed for the masses? More social guidance about the role of risk in our thinking may also improve the state of affairs regarding how manage this primordial concern, a kind of ‘essence urge’, centred around risking what we have to get something better.


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Bingo Street

Bingo Street is a brand new, fresh bingo site that was only launched just over one week ago. Bingo Street is yet another exciting bingo site to be launched on the Dragonfish brand and is one of the most colorful and one of the most inviting online bingo sites to be launched recently.

You will be given the inviting impression the second you launch Bingo Street’s home page, a space that is bursting with colour and gives you the impression of it being a very exciting and entertaining online bingo site to be visiting.

When the homepage is first launched, you’ll see a large advertising banner that informs you of everything new that is going on at Bingo Street, from upcoming bingo games, to exciting freebie promotions that give away free cash to new bingo players.
Below that, you’ll see even more games and promotions that are in the spotlight, and this helps you get to grips with the types of games and offers you’ll be treated to when you register and become a member of Bingo Street.
Once you have decided you would like to become a member of Bingo Street, you can simply hit the ‘Join Now’ button and be taken straight to a registration form which really is very easy to fill in.

All you’ll need to do is pop in your name, address and a few more personal details and your account will be created – you don’t have to enter in any payment details, as this can be done later on once you have sampled the site and had a look around Bingo Street by launching the Cashier section.

Everything you could possibly want from your visit to Bingo Street can be found within the lobby, which is an absolute triumph when it comes to layout and design. The lobby is designed to look like an actual street or town, and along the bottom, you’ll find a number of different sub headings – these separate different bingo games, and when they’re clicked on, the street view changes, filling your screen with different cartoon shops and boutiques and each one is a bingo room that can be clicked on to enter!

At Bingo Street, there really is a bingo game for absolutely everyone, and whether you love playing for pennies or pounds, you’ll find a game to enjoy. Bingo Street houses penny bingo games, and games that cost slightly more at 10p, 25p, 50p and £1 a ticket and there are even jackpot games that run every month that total thousands of pounds in prizes.

Dream Bingo

Dream Bingo is a magical, fairy tale themed online bingo website that is ideal for those looking for a simple but thoroughly enjoyable online bingo experience. A beautifully designed bingo site that is doused in mystical, dream like colours complete with images of blue cloudy skies, fairies, rainbows and stars, Dream Bingo is a somewhat girlie and glamorous bingo site that would appeal to anyone looking to sink their teeth into contemporary 90 ball and 75 ball bingo.

Dream Bingo is constantly attracting new online bingo fans, and it really is no surprise when you clap eyes on some of the sites delectable promotions. From the word go, Dream Bingo are generous, as they kick off everyone’s experience with the bingo site with a fantastic £20 free! This £20 free is available to every new online bingo player and there is absolutely no deposit required. All you need to do is register your first bingo account which can be easily done once you have clicked to Register. Once your account has been created and you are a member of Dream Bingo, your £20 will instantly be added, giving you the chance to have £20’s worth of no deposit fun at this colourful and quirky bingo site.

There is so much to choose from at DreamBingo.com, and you can access every game the site has under its roof by simply accessing the bright and sparkling bingo lobby where everything is neatly arranged. Once you have chosen from the list of 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games and exciting high paying side games, your game will open in a different window, and if it’s bingo you’re after, you won’t be disappointed.

The bingo room dominates most of the room, but the chat window sits on the left, and the chat rooms are a feature in themselves as they come with little light hearted added extras! When you type certain things into chat, a funny sound bite will resound through your speakers! For example, typing ‘gl’ into chat would cue a voice to come out of your speakers saying “good luck to you!”. This really adds a personal and comical touch to DreamBingo.com bingo rooms.

You are able to access every part of Dream Bingo’s exciting bingo website without even depositing a penny, and this acts as a great way to try things out before you spend any of your cash. When you do fancy playing for real cash though, there are many promotions and bonuses to benefit from. As well as receiving a fabulous 300% bingo deposit bonus on your first deposit, you’ll also gain access to plenty more promotions that are exclusive to real cash bingo players. These include free bonus money give aways, tournaments, plus competitions that give away amazing prizes, such as cameras, designer perfumes and even shopping vouchers!

Enjoy a dream like experience with Dream Bingo.

Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo review

PoshBingo is one of the classy and stylish online bingo websites out there. It is a part of the Joy of Bingo network, along with fellow members like WinkBingo, TastyBingo and RedBusBingo. If you are looking for a posh design complete with a chandelier and Renaissance style picture frames, PoshBingo is the place for you. Many players confuse the site with Poshbingo.net, but that is an incorrect address – you should go to PoshBingo.com

In fact, the Poshbingo.net site is currently not available and if you visit it you will get nothing but a blank page. So be aware not to visit Poshbingo.net when looking for the PoshBingo games.

The PoshBingo site is very stylish and fun to browse. It mixes the old with the new and delivers a great retro design in a gentle bordeaux color scheme. The bingo rooms are designed very similarly to the site, with dark colors that really stand out. Both 90 balls bingo room and a 75 balls bingo room are available for players of PoshBingo. The 90 balls bingo is a British game style that is popular in the UK, the game has three stages, playing for one, two and three lines (full house), with three different prize pots. The 75 balls bingo game is an American version of bingo and is played on square cards. Each game is played for a different pattern and only one prize pool can be won when a full house is hit. PoshBingo offers its players to try both game versions.

Posh Bingo offers players a first deposit bonus of 20 GBP. This is a fixed amount. All you have to do to receive this welcome bonus is to register a new account, make a deposit and play with at least 5 GBP. The system will then issue the welcome bonus into your account instantly.

Posh Bingo has quite a few progressive jackpots to play on, all have fun stylish names like the Stretch-Limo jackpot or the Stiletto jackpot. These jackpots build up during each game, and can reach very high amounts. Once the jackpot is hit and won by a lucky player, Posh Bingo will start accumulating funds for a new jackpot. The ball count changes from one jackpot to another, but it is always stated in the bingo room while the game is in action.

There are quite a few gems to be found on the Posh Bingo website. For example, there is a full page dedicated to videos of the Posh Bingo television commercials. You can watch them online in stream – no download required. In addition, a full page is dedicated to players’ testimonials – some even sent their picture so you can later on associate a nickname with a face. You can read full stories written by winners on the Winners page, and share a bit of their excitement right before they hit the jackpot.

For those of you who are not familiar with online bingo games, Posh Bingo offers a full how-to guide to answer every newbie question. How to select a game, purchase cards, use the chat or even daub the bingo tickets – all the information is on the site. If the user guide and FAQs still don’t answer your question try contacting the Live Help team – they are available for a chat 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Sky Bingo

Sky Bingo is owned by the British Sky Broadcasting company, best known for their Sky Digibox product and news channel. Sky’s products also include the Sky magazine, broadband service, email service, the Sky online audio streaming and their digital audio store. Sky Bingo is a part of the Sky Betting and Gaming branch, which also includes sports-betting, poker and casino products.

Sky Bingo games are a part of the umbrella of products provided by Sky Betting, which means a shared wallet is available across the different brands. If you create an account with Sky Bingo you will be able to use it to play the rest of the casino, poker and sport-betting products in the umbrella, without the need to opening multiple accounts.

Registering and account with the Sky Bingo shared wallet is very simple. The software is also very self explanatory and user friendly. If you do need any assistance, Sky Bingo provides a full video tutorial of the games – you can actually see screenshots of the games with detailed explanations on how to perform simple tasks within the games software. An FAQ page also exists on the site, and all contact info of the support team, which can be reached via email, live chat or phone. New SkyBingo players receive a free 15 GBP bonus, once they deposit and wager 5 GBP – which is very similar to a massive 300% bonus on first deposit.

SkyBingo has a nice selection of bingo rooms with three different ticket prices in the 90 balls rooms: 1p, 5p and 10p. It is a common mistake to think that the game pots will be higher in rooms where the ticket price is more expensive. But the game pots amount change frequently, especially in relation to the number of players in the rooms. In any case, when you want to choose your room to play – take a look at SkyBingo lobby where detailed information on each room is provided and updated in real time. An 80 balls room and a 75 balls room (US game style) are also available in the lobby. In addition, a new 90 balls speed bingo room has recently opened. That means the balls are called a lot faster than in the regular rooms, and the recess time is much shorter. That way you can fit a lot more bingo games into the time you have playing on SkyBingo. The daily and weekly game schedules include Penny games, BOGOF sessions, Free Bingo sessions and many more crowd pleasers. It seems that SkyBingo really listen to their players and tail the games schedule to their request. Progressive jackpots exist on all the rooms. One of those jackpots has already grown to almost 3 Million pounds without being hit. Sooner or later it will be hit though, and you want to be at SkyBingo when that happens.

Although the SkyBingo site doesn’t provide a full list and preview of all the games they offer, you can still a few selected games advertised on the homepage. The most popular is of course the Deal or no Deal bingo game, which is gaining popularity across the web. Another bingo players’ favorite is the multiple lines slot machines, with high, casino style payouts.

Ladbrokes Bingo

LadbrokesBingo.com is an online bingo website owned and operated by Ladbrokes PLC – one of the world’s leaders in the UK betting and gaming market. Ladbrokes PLC is best known for its bookmaking operation which holds over 2,700 betting shops across Europe. In the year 2000 Ladbrokes branched into the online gaming scene with a virtual version of their sports betting product, and shortly after it launched the casino, ladbrokesbingo and spread-betting online brands.

Ladbrokes Bingo became an instant success upon its launch, due to its reliable software, competitive promotions, and most of all – it’s shared wallet. New users on Ladbrokes Bingo can open an account, fund it, and start playing. Any available balance in their LadbrokesBingo account is allegeable for play across all Ladbrokes products (casino, poker, sports-betting and spread-betting). Moreover, if you already have an account with one of the other Ladbrokes brands, you don’t need to open another one to play on Ladbrokesbingo – you can login to the bingo client with your existing account. This option LadbrokesBingo provides is very attractive for bingo players who also like to play online casino or online poker.

Aside from that, new players on Ladbrokes Bingo will receive a welcome bonus of 20 GBP (fixed amount) once they deposit 5 GBP and wager the full deposit amount. The registration process is easy and fast, and new players can also opt-in to receive updates via email, telephone or SMS. A full section on LadbrokesBingo.com is dedicated to players support. The LadbrokesBingo support team can be contacted via live chat, phone or email, but it is almost unnecessary to contact them since the Frequently Asked Questions info online is very detailed and comprehensive.

The bingo lobby is very easy to use and offers a selection of different types of bingo games: The well known 90 balls bingo, 90 balls speed bingo, 80 balls bingo, two rooms of 75 balls bingo (square cards) and a special Joker bingo room where the J pattern is played for a full house. In addition, a selection of mini games are embedded in the bingo rooms, ranging from slots and scratch cards to unique numbers games that resemble the classic roulette. The Ladbrokes Bingo games schedule and promotions change on a monthly basis and include penny games, BOGOF games (Buy One Get One Free) as well as bigger promos with vacations giveaway and guaranteed jackpots. A guaranteed jackpot is offered almost every week on bingo Ladbrokes. A full detailed schedule can be found on LadbrokesBingo.com .

The Ladbrokes Bingo online players’ community is a very welcoming one. A great feature offered on the site is the social network application, where each player gets their own inbox to send and receive messages to/from other players, as well as a profile that can be updated, a buddies list and even a live chat option. A list of the chat moderators and their personal info (location, hobbies etc) is posted on the site, so you can really get to know the chat hosts better. If you enjoy playing the chat games you can find a list of games with detailed rules on LadbrokesBingo.com .

Those are only part of the reason Ladbrokes Bingo won the Site of the Year award for excellence in online bingo on 2009, a prize that is given by the top bingo portal WhichBingo on a yearly basis. That was the first time LadbrokesBingo.com won such a prize. The Site of the Year award was given to LadbrokesBingo after it got the highest number of votes from players across the UK, so that is a true testament of players’ satisfaction with the product.

The bingo Ladbrokes games are currently not available to play via mobile, but you can play different casino games and place bets on sporting events using the Ladbrokes mobile games.

PaddyPower Bingo

PaddyPowerBingo is a fabulous online bingo site that is popular both in the UK and in Ireland.

PaddyPowerBingo offers new players a fixed bonus of 20 GBP if they deposit and spend at least 5 GBP on the games. Please note the 5 GBP wager has so occur up to 48 from the time the account was open. For additional terms of the welcome bonus please check the terms and conditions applied.

The PaddyPowerBingo community is a very tight group. Aside from the very flattering testimonials from current and past players, you can also find a “Pet of the Week” section, an updating voting polls in which PaddyPowerBingo checks players’ opinions on different promotions, and even a whole section dedicated to players’ feedback. It is quite clear that PaddyPowerBingo values the opinion of its players.

If you are new to the game, PaddyPower Bingo provides a full online bingo tutorial in video form. Just click the “Tutorial” button on the PaddyPower Bingo website and you’ll be directed to the video clips. With simple comic-like speech bubbles, all the how-to information of ticket buying, jackpot winning, rooms browsing and more, is conveyed in a fun and easy way.

Since the Bingo Paddy Power games are simple to use and understand, you don’t have to be an experienced player to try this site. Anyone who hasn’t played online bingo in the past can figure this one out in minutes, since the software is very user friendly.

The PaddyPower Bingo games selection is eclectic. Aside from the 7 different bingo rooms in which you can play 90 and 75 bingo balls games, you can find exclusive games based on TV shows (such as Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother), a wide variety of casino monster slots, table games, card games, scratch cards, top trumps games and even novelties such as Deal or No Deal. In that regard, PaddyPower Bingo is certainly one of the sites with the nicer and wider games selections out there.

The promotions on bingo Paddy Power change constantly to keep a fresh and exciting feel on every visit. But you have a full and organized list of current promotions listed on the website. Just go to PaddyPower Bingo and click on the ‘Promotions’ button. Other updated sections which are worth a visit are the players’ stories page, celebrity gossip, and also the amazingly accurate Horoscope page. It’s unclear just how bingo Paddy Power got that Horoscope to be so dead on precise, but then again – some things are better left unknown…

If you are having any problems signing in or login in, PaddyPower Bingo operates a friendly and professional support team. They are available 24/7 via live chat – see the ‘Live Help’ link at the top right corner of the homepage. Freephone calls are also available from the UK and from Ireland, and the PaddyPowerBingo support team can also be contacted via email.

The Bingo Paddy Power games are on a very reliable and stable flash based software. The graphic is attractive and welcoming, just like the chat moderators. A lot of the roomies are from Ireland, and it seems that site is very popular amongst the Irish. That been said, anyone can feel right at home on the bingo rooms.

Play Paddy Power Bingo!

paddy power bingo

Mecca Bingo

MeccaBingo.com is an established online bingo website, licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. It is a part of the Rank group which also operates online casino sites. MeccaBingo also owns real live bingo clubs in different locations in the UK.

MeccaBingo.com is a very organized, user-friendly website. The website offers a preview of the different MeccaBingo games. In addition to online bingo, players can enjoy progressive jackpot slots, casino cards games and even lottery and keno. MeccaBingo games feature a few unique games based on popular TV shows and board games such as the X-factor slots, Britain’s Got Talent, Spiderman and even a Monopoly game. All of these can be played either for fun and for free, or for real money with cash prizes. The games selection is updated all the time, and you can check out the latest new games on the New Games section on MeccaBingo.com . Some of the MeccaBingo games are also available on mobile, so you can literally take them with you to play wherever and whenever you want. The Mecca Bingo website has an easy-to-use “Games Picker”, which is a drop box with all the different 150 game types available. You can just click on your game of choice and it will instantly open in a new window.

MeccaBingo runs promotions around the clock, and you can find a comprehensive list on MeccaBingo.com . BOGOF and Penny games, 10K giveaways and special bonuses for mobile players are some of the year long promos. Bingo rooms are available in the 90 balls, 75 balls and 80 balls game styles.

The MeccaBingo community is very close and friendly. Each chat moderator has his or her own webpage in which they share some personal info about themselves, such as their favorite books, music groups and special interests. Mecca Bingo players can also read updates and post their thoughts on a special blog featured on the site. The Mecca Bingo forum, available for registered users only, is a great place to start making some friends in this online community. You can also join the Facebook and Tweeter groups for news and updates.

If you are a new Mecca Bingo user you’ll be happy to know there’s a special frequent questions and answers page available for you. In addition, Mecca Bingo offers the best form of online support – real live chat support that is free and accessible twenty four seven. Just click the Live Chat link on the top right corner on MeccaBingo.com to contact one of the staff. New Players on MeccaBingo.com receive a 100% bonus on their first deposit, up to 50 GBP. The extra bonus money can be used either to play bingo or to play one of the 150 different side games.

A great addition we enjoyed on the Mecca Bingo site is the Bingo Jokes page. It’s a collection of witty and entertaining bingo related quips that any player can enjoy between or during the games. Players can also share their own jokes with the rest of the community, and MeccaBingo will reward 5 GBP for any joke that is posted.

The MeccaBingo games use the latest flash based technology and are very attractive and graphically impressive. If anything will keep you coming to this site, it’s the great emphasis on excellence when it comes to the software and games selection.


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