Foxy Bingo welcomes the New Year with £31,000 giveaway

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Where will you be New Years Eve? Wherever you may be, make sure you have got tickets to the biggest online bingo game of the night at Foxy Bingo where there is a whopping £31,000 giveaway planned.

Yes, you read right. £31,000 is up for grabs at foxy bingo, come New Years Eve. And there are special prizes reserved for even players who could not make it to the full house for want of one or two numbers. Here is what you can win at Bingo Foxy on December 31, 2011.

  • £3,500 for getting a single line
  • £7,500 for getting two lines
  • £1,500 for getting two numbers short for a full house bingo win
  • £3,500 for getting a single number short for a full house bingo win
  • £15,500 for getting the full house!!!

Yeah, the prizes are amazing. Keep in mind that the prizes in each of the categories in this 90 ball bingo game will have to be shared among the different claimants of each category but despite this, the individual prize pools are big enough to guarantee massive wins to every one involved.

Tickets can be bought at just £1.50 per bingo ticket at FoxyBingo. It doesn’t sound like too much for a bingo game with some amazing prizes.

You have something planned for New Years Eve? That should be no problem as you can pre-buy your ticket now. After all, it is not every day that such an amazing opportunity comes to you. Don’t have an account at foxy Again, no problem. Just sign up now and you are good to go. While you wait for the New Year to roll in, there are also some other amazing offers.

Play tomorrow or on Sunday, December 16 at Santa’s workshop and get iPads, holiday vouchers or bonus points. Additionally, there is the Wonderful Winter promotion that launched on November 23 and is set to play out till January 12, 2012. It plays on Wednesdays at 09:00pm and prizes include sofas, kindles and since it is Christmas, you can also expect turkey and Christmas trees as well.  Sign up at now.