Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo review

PoshBingo is one of the classy and stylish online bingo websites out there. It is a part of the Joy of Bingo network, along with fellow members like WinkBingo, TastyBingo and RedBusBingo. If you are looking for a posh design complete with a chandelier and Renaissance style picture frames, PoshBingo is the place for you. Many players confuse the site with Poshbingo.net, but that is an incorrect address – you should go to PoshBingo.com

In fact, the Poshbingo.net site is currently not available and if you visit it you will get nothing but a blank page. So be aware not to visit Poshbingo.net when looking for the PoshBingo games.

The PoshBingo site is very stylish and fun to browse. It mixes the old with the new and delivers a great retro design in a gentle bordeaux color scheme. The bingo rooms are designed very similarly to the site, with dark colors that really stand out. Both 90 balls bingo room and a 75 balls bingo room are available for players of PoshBingo. The 90 balls bingo is a British game style that is popular in the UK, the game has three stages, playing for one, two and three lines (full house), with three different prize pots. The 75 balls bingo game is an American version of bingo and is played on square cards. Each game is played for a different pattern and only one prize pool can be won when a full house is hit. PoshBingo offers its players to try both game versions.

Posh Bingo offers players a first deposit bonus of 20 GBP. This is a fixed amount. All you have to do to receive this welcome bonus is to register a new account, make a deposit and play with at least 5 GBP. The system will then issue the welcome bonus into your account instantly.

Posh Bingo has quite a few progressive jackpots to play on, all have fun stylish names like the Stretch-Limo jackpot or the Stiletto jackpot. These jackpots build up during each game, and can reach very high amounts. Once the jackpot is hit and won by a lucky player, Posh Bingo will start accumulating funds for a new jackpot. The ball count changes from one jackpot to another, but it is always stated in the bingo room while the game is in action.

There are quite a few gems to be found on the Posh Bingo website. For example, there is a full page dedicated to videos of the Posh Bingo television commercials. You can watch them online in stream – no download required. In addition, a full page is dedicated to players’ testimonials – some even sent their picture so you can later on associate a nickname with a face. You can read full stories written by winners on the Winners page, and share a bit of their excitement right before they hit the jackpot.

For those of you who are not familiar with online bingo games, Posh Bingo offers a full how-to guide to answer every newbie question. How to select a game, purchase cards, use the chat or even daub the bingo tickets – all the information is on the site. If the user guide and FAQs still don’t answer your question try contacting the Live Help team – they are available for a chat 24 hours, 7 days a week.