Tombola Bingo is a great online bingo site operated by Tombola LTD, a company that started its bingo related businesses over 40 years ago, supplying bingo tickets to real live bingo halls. Since then, TombolaBingo became a licensed online bingo operator. The company started its online bingo ventures as a software provided to, until parting ways and launching its own bingo brand: Tombola Bingo. Since then, they develop every game in-house and are considered one of the leading online bingo sites in the UK.

Tombola Bingo offers two different game types: 90 balls bingo, which is popular mostly in the UK and 80 balls bingo, which is a fun game style that is popular in Scandinavia but gains popularity across Europe for the past few years. In addition, Tombola Bingo developed a few unique games that can only be found on : RollerCoaster, which is a nice combination of keno and bingo, CINCO, which combines bingo motifs with traditional card games, and the Hamster Race, which is a type of virtual racing game. The inclusion of these unique games makes playing on a special and surprising experience every time. For first time players, the website is filled with how-to guides that ease up the learning process. Other games available on TombolaBingo are the better known roulette, a keno type game that is called LuckyPick and of course, the bingo players’ favorite – mini slot machines that are embedded in the bingo rooms and can be played between games – on the recess time. Tombola Bingo puts an emphasis on the unique gaming experience it offers, with its never seen before games.

New users on Tombola Bingo will receive a 200% bonus on their first deposit. That means that if you deposit 10 GBP, Tombola will reward you with an extra 20 GBP to play with. Getting started is easy: just choose a username and password, provide a valid email address and your basic personal information (full name, current address, etc) and you become a member. No payment method is required for registration with TombolaBingo and you can fill in your preferred payment method post registration. One great feature on that regard: TombolaBingo gives you the option of making a deposit using PayPale, a very popular online banking account, and an alternative method that most bingo sites don’t have available.

Instant online support via chat exists, as well as phone and email support. If you choose to contact the support team via phone, Tombola Bingo aims to answer your call in a short waiting time of 30 seconds.

Check out the list of past winners on , which is also filled with players’ testimonials written by other players. You can even browse the latest winners lists by game type and by date. More winning-focused players will find that helpful in deciding on which game they should wager most of their funds. The 5 cards CINCO game for example, pays tens of thousands of pounds on a monthly basis and seems like the perfect game for high rollers. One of the games with the highest possible payout is the Roulette, with up to 10,000 GBP possible payout on one wager.

TombolaBingo offers a changing game schedule and monthly promotions. The one that stands out is the 1,000 GBP guaranteed jackpot that plays every day at 9pm UK time. A guaranteed jackpot is a bingo jackpot that is set on 90 ball counts, that means it is certain to hit and certain to be won by one of the lucky players. This jackpot is played in the 90 balls bingo room. Check out for additional information.


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