Top bingo offers in August

Bingo lovers are in for a treat this August as the Joy Carnival is set to hit the top online bingo sites this month. Why is the Joy Carnival event a must play event? Well the answer, is that the Joy Carnival series of games will bring to you top cash prizes at absolutely no risk. How is this possible? Read on to find out more.

A total of £15,000 will be up for grabs absolutely risk free at the top online bingo sites belonging to the Joy of Bingo network. In fact this time round, the latest new bingo site and also coincidently the latest Joy of Bingo site to make an entry in the bingo world will also be participating in the event. That’s right folks; Bingo Street launches its first Joy Carnival event by offering £1,000 on the last Thursday of the month.

In fact, Bingo Street will be the site that is flagging off this Joy Carnival event. Tickets available for just 1p will see bingo players vying for £1,000 on Thursday the 25th of August at Bingo Street.

This will be followed by Tasty Bingo’s Joy Carnival offer of prize winnings that totals £2,000 in cash prizes for just 2p per card. Tasty Bingo’s game will be played on Friday, the 26th of August.

The other Joy members will also continue the relay, playing on each successive day. Saturday, the 27th of August will see Redbus Bingo members playing for a total of £3,000 in cash prizes for tickets that cost you – you guessed it – just 3p per card.

Get the gist now? Then you should know without me telling you that the fourth and fifth games of the Joy Carnival series will be played for a total of 4,000 and 5,000 pounds with tickets that cost just 4p and 5p respectively.

So on Sunday, the 28th of August, log in to Posh Bingo and try your luck for the £4k winnings. So which is the site that is left to host the final £5k mega event? You guessed right, again – Wink Bingo.

Wink Bingo will host the final game of the Joy Carnival series with a whopping £5k in prizes for bingo cards at the rate of just 5p per card.

I remember mentioning somewhere in the beginning that these games are absolutely risk free. Agreed that the tickets to these super prize games are ridiculously under priced but still that does not make them risk free, does it? So, how am I saying that these games are risk free?

The answer is simple. All those who participate in any or all of these games and do not win a share of the £15,000 prizes, will get a refund for the bingo cards purchased by them for the games belonging to the Carnival series.

That’s right folks; get back all the money invested in this mega bingo carnival. Of course, the money will be refunded only as bonuses, but it still makes for an absolutely delightful risk-free offer. Isn’t this a great deal?

It really cannot get better than this. In fact it increases your chances of winning as you can purchase quite a number of tickets to tip the odds in your favor, knowing only too well that you will get back the money that you spend on these tickets, should you not win a prize.

It almost amounts to playing bingo games online for free for top bingo cash prizes. Here is your chance to grab up to £15,000 in cash prizes without the risk of loosing even a penny.

Make sure you sign up with all the Joy of Bingo sites in order to cash in on this exciting Joy Carnival offer. Don’t forget – the games in effect are absolutely free. All the best to all the bingo players who are gearing up for this mega Carnival series.