Top Online Bingo Sites For July

July rocks!! As far as the bingo world is concerned, July seems to be a hot and happening month with many top bingo sites offering mega promotions that are set to send bingo memberships to an all time high.

Here is a quick rundown on some of the top online bingo sites and their offers for July.

Fairys Bingo

Fairys Bingo has an exciting summer promotion coming up. Set sail over the seven seas in a paid seven day cruise to Alaska with an additional £2,000 as your holiday spending money. Wow!!! What should you do to win this prize? Simply play the 75-25 (Swedish Bingo) Cruise Coverall game on August 6. You can pre-buy the tickets this month or also win free tickets to this game by trading your bingo points.

Mail Bingo

Mail Bingo is having a Monster Birthday Bash on the 27th of July. As part of their first anniversary  celebrations, the site has added another £5,000 to the prize pot, raising the prize pot figures to a whopping £15,000. So make sure you are present at the Bingo Café room at 9pm on the D day.

Dream Bingo

Dream Bingo has a dream of a jackpot coming up. Say goodbye to July with the perfect game on 31st July, 2011 as a total of £10,000 is up for grabs on the last day of the month at 10:00pm.

Littlewoods Bingo

The bingo break bonanza at Littlewoods Bingo is an exciting opportunity to win additional bingo prizes while playing 75 ball bingo. In the bingo break bonanza each square containing the numbers 1 to 75 will display the picture of an exciting prize that can be won. When full house winners win the game, they win not just their big bingo prize but also the gift that corresponds to the number on which they won the full house.