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Fancy free bingo? Or maybe regular games where you can win some extra cash? We already gathered all the useful information regarding the different networks, software, welcome bonuses, ranking, games types, side games selections, online community features and free bingo offers – all in one place. No Googling needed and no browsing required!  Everything you ever wanted to know about bingo is right here in an easy to understand format for you newbies out there.

Some UK bingo sites will just give you a ranking of sites by sign up bonus or software features, but we are here to provide you with much needed in-depth information of the promotions each site offers, the hidden clauses in their promotions terms and conditions and a full and detailed explanation of online bingo terms and jargon. One of the things most of our players are looking for is free bingo, and we took the time to list all the different types of free offers out there while weighing their pros and cons and ensuring you know exactly what you are getting into before you decide to join any sites.

The competition in the market nowadays is fierce and as a player you can only benefit from that. As well as the free bingo offers that you can find everywhere, many bingo sites offer players a lot more than just games: forums, blogs, social networks and members clubs are a part of what all well respected sites provide their players, and we have listed these types of things as well.

There is no doubt that the most sought after bingo nowadays, is that ever elusive fresh-out-of-the-oven kind of site. Finding these are not always an easy site if you lack the resources. The best solution for this is a top list of new 2013 bingo sites where you can get the full details on all the new additions to the bingo industry in recent time!

For a while now, online bingo is not just a market for stand-alone sites, in fact you are more likely to find sites that operate within a network. The networks are a collaboration of sites that use the same software and the same bingo rooms and often times they will also have the same promotions. The number of sites operating in a network affects the number of rooms available and the number of players in each room, thus affecting the jackpots and game pots amounts directly. Obviously, the more players in the room means more tickets were bought and the prize pools are higher, however, it also means that chances of winning are lower and divided between more people. That is why whenever we reviewed a site that is operating as a part of a bingo network, we made a note of it in the review. Free bingo sites sometimes operate within a network, too, but it really doesn’t affect the players as much as it does with real money sites.

Online bingo can be a great way to earn extra cash, but more importantly, it is a way of meeting new people from all over the world and sharing thoughts and experiences. Bingo is becoming more and more popular across Europe and the opportunity to talk to people from different backgrounds and cultures is very attractive. In our reviews we put an emphasis not only on the free offers but also on the way each website invests in the player’s community and social aspect of the game.

So whether you are looking for freebies, for a new site to try out, or simply for a friendly experience of socializing with fellow bingo lovers, here is all the information you could possibly need. Bingo is a real passion of ours and we are happy to share it with you!

Finding a place to play bingo is easy!

Nowadays, the web is filled with directories that will guide you in the right direction to find sites that are the exact fit for you. These websites are usually impartial third party bingo sites and they give up to date information regarding sites that you may wish to play on.  They look at whether free bingo is available on the site, or what the minimum and maximum deposit amounts are, how much can you win in a single game and when the biggest jackpot games are played.  Additional info you might see in these third party sites can be related to the bingo software and its different features, the games schedule, the variety of side games the specific brand offers (slot machines, keno games, online poker or even bingo sites with free money).

They may also rank the different brands from best to worse based on the many features mentioned above. Free sites will usually rank lower than bingo sites offering jackpots for cash because these sites will have a bigger budget to work with and improve their product. Free sites will usually have a smaller budget available, and the prizes offered to the players including any cash jackpots will be of lower amount.

Certain online site directories that promote both real money promos and freebies will also give a breakdown of sites by country. The reason they do this is because games can be played in different currencies and in different languages. In addition, legality regarding sites and online gaming in general changes from one region to another. Directories that offer this type of information will usually also offer reviews of different sites in various languages.

Bingo sites with freebies can be found all over the internet and naturally you want to play at a well-known site with a good reputation so that you don’t run the risk of any software malfunction. A lot of these sites will require specific details about you before they allow you to start playing. These details are usually: Name, age, country of origin and a valid email address. You can usually choose whether you would like to receive any news and updates from the site to your email address, but it’s great to opt in to receive those, since many times you will be notified of exclusive promotions.

If you want to play for cash you have to input a lot of more personal details. Since it’s not just free games on these sites, the first additional requirement is of course a payment method to deposit money into the account. You can do it right now, if you have a PayPal account for example. Click on this link – – and see which sites let you deposit with Paypal or Ukash. Once the payment details are approved and the funds are transferred into your account, you can start playing bingo. These sites provide the users with many methods of payment to choose from. Almost all sites let players deposit funds using credit cards but in addition, some sites let players use online accounts like Neteller or UseMyBank, wire transfers directly from the player’s banks and various others.