XBingo’s fabulous Xmas treat

Christmas is just round the corner. So, XBingo – one of the best bingo sites has got an Xmas special – Special Christmas gifts when you play the 10p bingo game tonight at 09:30pm.

Gifts worth £2,000 are up for grabs here. Win this and you will not need to worry about the expensive gifts to purchase for Christmas. Winning these £2,000 of prizes at just 10p per ticket, definitely makes it one of the top online bingo games of the month, sorry, year.

Don’t look glum if you do not yet have an account with xbingo.com. Simply sign up right away. There is a fantastic no deposit required bingo bonus for all new members at this site. Sign up today and get a £5 free bingo bonus. While the new deposit bonus gives you some free bingo games, there is also a huge 300% first deposit bonus at BingoX, giving you bingo games four times worth your money.

The fabulous bingo bonuses are not the only reasons to sign up. Every month, this new bingo site has a fantastic Out of This World promotion that can be anything from concert tickets to holiday trips or a makeover for your house, etc. This month, it is a promotion that is going to guarantee you a Christmas Out Of This World!!!

With hi-tech gadgets worth £2,000 as the top bingo prize for tonight’s game, you definitely need to sign up in a hurry here.  Those who already have an account here have already started collecting their penny priced tickets. Just so you know, you can also purchase more than one ticket to this fabulous bingo game. In fact you can buy up to 96 tickets in this bingo game. At just 10p per ticket, you can still manage to keep the costs below £10, even with the maximum number of tickets in your kitty.

Hurry and act now. Sign up immediately and get ready for this big game. Sale of tickets will close 30 seconds before the scheduled time of the game. Winning this game is a must as it will take care of your gift shopping list for Christmas this year. And if you really don’t have need for the £2,000 worth of hi-tech goodies, (which I think is highly unlikely), you can also opt to win the alternative cash prize of £1,000 instead.

Happy Xmas!!!